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Lighting The Uv Lamp For 24 Hours - Sanyo MCO-18AC UV Instruction Manual

Co2 incubator
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Lighting the UV lamp for 24 hours

The clauses below are applicable when the model is MCO-18AC(UV) or an optional UV system kit
MCO-18UVS3 is installed.
If the chamber has been contaminated by dirt or by spilling the medium, use the following procedure to
decontaminate the chamber by lighting the UV lamp for 24 hours.
1. Remove all attachments from the chamber, including the trays, tray supports, side supports, fan cover,
duct, fan, humidifying pan, and humidifying pan cover. Clean all the attachments in an autoclave or with
disinfectant alcohol.
2. Clean and wipe off inside the chamber with disinfectant alcohol.
3. Set the CO
density to 0% and set the UV 24-hour lighting mode.
Description of operation
1 Press calibration key for 5 seconds.
By pressing numerical value shift
key and digit shift key,
set the figure to F02.
3 Press enter key.
4 By pressing numerical value shift
key, set the figure to 001.
5 Press enter key.
・This procedure must be preformed only with the outer door closed and the UV lamp turned OFF.
・The UV lamp will light continuously for 24 hours after this parameter is set. The setting is canceled if the
outer door is opened. Perform the above procedure to set the 24-hours lighting mode again when
opening the outer door.
・The incubator keeps running with set temperature and CO
・Install the attachments after completion of the 24-hour lighting mode.
Note: Set the upper limit alarm temperature to at least 10
when using the 24-hour lighting mode of UV lamp. The 24-hour lighting mode may cause an automatic
chamber temperature alarm because the temperature of the chamber will increase.
Pressing calibration key (CAL) for about 5 seconds leads the calibration mode. In the calibration mode,
the calibration of temperature and CO
performance. Never touch any other keys on the control panel in the event of pressing calibration key
(CAL) accidentally. After about 90 seconds, the incubator returns to chamber temperature display mode
Key operated
The left digit in the temperature
indicator blinks.
When pressed, the figure of settable digit changes.
When pressed,
the changeable digit is shifted.
"000" is displayed
in the digital CO
When pressed,
the figure of settable digit changes.
Set value is memorized and the display returns to
normal display mode.
density during UV lighting.
C higher than the chamber set temperature
density is possible. Wrong key operation affects the basic
Indication after operation
density indicator.


Table of Contents

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