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Troubleshooting - Sanyo MCO-18AC UV Instruction Manual

Co2 incubator
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If the incubator does not seem to be working properly, check the following items before calling for service.
The incubator does not
operate at all.
The key operation is disable
If the alarm function and the
buzzer operates
If the chamber temperature
is not equal to the set
If the CO
gas density does
not coincide with the set
If the chamber humidity does
not rise
If the CO
consumption is
too much
If normal cultivation cannot
be done and chamber gas
density is suspect
If it takes much time to
recover the CO
gas density
gas is not being
• The incubator is not plugged correctly into a power outlet.
• The circuit breaker at the power source is active or a power
failure has occurred.
• The key lock function is set in ON mode.
[At the beginning of operation]
• The chamber temperature is not equal to the set value.
• The chamber CO
density is not equal to the set value.
a. The secondary pressure of the pressure regulator is not
equal to the set value (0.03MPaG, 0.3kgf/cm
b. The tube is not connected securely between the pressure
regulator and the incubator.
[During operation]
• The upper limit alarm temperature is not set at least 1
than the set chamber temperature.
• The set temperature value was changed, or the door was left
open for a long period. Or a low temperature load was placed
inside the incubator. In this case, if the incubator is left as it is,
the alarm will eventually clear itself.
• The gas tube has slipped off or the gas leaks.
• The set value of the gas density was changed.
• The gas cylinder is empty. Check the primary pressure of the
cylinder once a week. (The primary pressure of less than
3.8MPaG (38kgf/cm
G) means a little gas in the cylinder.
Replace the cylinder soon.)
• The ambient temperature must always be at least 5
the set temperature.
• The outer door was closed while the inner door was left open.
• The secondary pressure is not set to 0.03MPaG (0.3kgf/cm
• The gas tube is clogged or chinked.
• The humidifying pan is not filled with sterile distilled water.
(Always use sterile distilled water.)
• The humidifying pan is not filled with sterile distilled water.
(Always use sterile distilled water.)
• The door is opened frequently.
• There is any gas leakage at the connection or pin hole on the
tube. It is recommended to replace the tube once a year.
• The gasket of the inner door is not completely sealed.
• The access port at the upper left corner is opened.
• The environment around the incubator is not normal.
source of the contaminated gas is nearby.
• The incubator is installed in an enclosed space.
• HEPA filter is provided in the gas piping. If it takes much time
to recover the gas density even though the gas pressure is
normal, it may be that dust on the HEPA filter prevents the gas
flow. Contact a Sanyo sales representative or agent.
• The CO
control method for the incubator is the ON-OFF
method. CO
gas is intermittently injected as the gas
concentration in the chamber approaches the set value.
Injections may be stopped for periods of approximately 15
seconds, but that is not an error.
G, 4.3psiG).
C higher
C less than



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