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Installation Site - Sanyo MCO-18AC UV Instruction Manual

Co2 incubator
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To operate this incubator properly and to obtain maximum performance, install the incubator in a location
with the following conditions:
Ventilate a room air occasionally when using CO
an enclosed small room and high level of gas density can be hazardous to health. In addition, avoid
inhaling the chamber air directly when opening the door if CO
Si l'appareil est utilisé dans un evdroit restreint, le niveau de la densite CO
être nocif aux humains. Evitez d'aspirer l'air provenant de l'inérieur de l'appareil quand vous ouverz la
■ A location not subjected to direct sunlight
Do not install the incubator under direct sunlight. Installation in a location subjected to direct sunlight
cannot obtain the intended performance.
■ A location away from heat generating sources
Avoid installing the incubator near heat-emitting appliances such as a heater or a boiler etc. Heat can
decrease the intended performance of the incubator.
■ 5
C higher than the ambient temperature
The chamber temperature must be at least 5
chamber temperature is set to 37
ambient temperature in adequate range.
■ A location with a sturdy and level floor
Always install the incubator on a sturdy and level floor. The uneven floor or tilted installation may cause
failure or injury.
Install the incubator in stable condition to avoid the vibration or noise. Unstable
condition may cause vibration or noise.
Install the incubator on a sturdy floor. If the floor is not strong enough or the installation site is not
adequate, this may result in injury from the incubator falling or tipping over.
Select a level and sturdy floor for installation. This precaution will prevent the incubator from tipping.
Improper installation may result in water spillage or injury from the incubator tipping over.
■ A location not prone to high humidity
Install the incubator in the ambient of 80% R.H. or less humidity. Installation under high humidity may
cause current leakage or electric shock.
Do not use the incubator outdoors. Current leakage or electric shock may result if the incubator is
exposed to rain water.
Never install the incubator in a humid place or a place where it is likely to be splashed by water.
Deterioration of the insulation may result which could cause current leakage or electric shock.
■ A location without flammable or corrosive gas
Never install the incubator in a flammable or corrosive location. This may cause explosion or fire or may
result in the current leakage or electric shock by the corrosion of the electrical components.
gas for control. The gas density will increase in
C higher than the ambient temperature. For example, the
C, the ambient temperature must be less than 32
gas is used.
de l'air peut s'élever et peut
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