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Co2 incubator
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Ensure you do not inhale or consume medication or aerosols from around the unit at the time of
maintenance. These may be harmful to your health.
Never splash water directly onto the unit as this may cause electric shock or short circuit.
Never put containers with liquid on the unit as this may cause electric shock or short circuit when
the liquid is spilled.
Never bind, process, or step on the power supply cord, or never damage or break the power
supply plug. A broken supply cord or plug may cause fire or electric shock.
Do not use the supply cord if its plug is loose. Such supply cord may cause fire or electric shock.
Never disassemble, repair, or modify the unit yourself.
Any such work carried out by an
unauthorized person may result in fire, or electric shock or injury due to a malfunction.
Disconnect the power supply plug if there is something wrong with the unit.
abnormal operation may cause electric shock or fire.
When removing the plug from the power supply outlet, grip the power supply plug, not the cord.
Pulling the cord may result in electric shock or fire by short circuit.
Disconnect the power supply plug before moving the unit. Take care not to damage the power
cord. A damaged cord may cause electric shock or fire.
Disconnect the power plug when the unit is not used for long periods. Keeping the connection
may cause electric shock, current leakage, or fire due to the deterioration of insulation.
If the unit is to be stored unused in an unsupervised area for an extended period, ensure that
children do not have access and that doors cannot be closed completely.
The disposal of the unit should be accomplished by appropriate personnel. Remove doors to
prevent accidents such as suffocation.
Do not put the packing plastic bag within reach of children as suffocation may result.


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