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Stacking Incubators - Sanyo MCO-18AC UV Instruction Manual

Co2 incubator
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Use the following procedure to stack incubators. This work is potentially dangerous, so contact a Sanyo
sales representative or agent.
 Select a floor that is strong enough to support the stacked incubators.
 Never stack three or more incubators. Doing so is dangerous.
1. Take out two stacking plates A, two stacking plates B, four protective stickers, and four screws from
accessory bag.
When stacking two incubators, use two stacking plates (A and B) for each one. Only one pair of
stacking plates is provided per incubator, so take out the stacking plates (A and B) from both incubators.
Similarly only 2 protective stickers are provided per incubator
2. Unplug both of the incubators that are to be stacked.
3. Remove the caps at the two places in the front of the top surface of the incubator that is to be on the
bottom, and attach the protective stickers to the four corners on the top surface of the incubator that is to
be on the bottom. (See Fig. A. on the page 41)
4. Secure stacking plates A with the screws that are provided.
5. Remove the front panel (4 screws) from the incubator that is to be on the top.
6. Place the upper incubator on top of the lower one, being careful not to pinch your fingers.
7. Make the lower incubator level by adjusting the leveling feet, and then level the upper incubator in the
same way.
8. Secure stacking plates A on the top surface of lower incubator to the upper one with the accessory
9. Remove from the back of the lower incubator the two hooks (4 screws) and remove from the upper
incubator the 2 screws on the lower rear panel.
10. Use the 6 screws that were removed in step 9 to secure stacking plates B to the rear panels of the
upper and lower incubators.
11. Replace the front panel (4 screws) to the upper incubator.
12. Use the hooks on the back of the upper incubator to prevent the incubators from falling over.


Table of Contents

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