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Co2 incubator
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Do not use the unit outdoors. Current leakage or electric shock may result if the unit is exposed to
rain water.
Only qualified engineers or service personnel should install the unit.
The installation by
unqualified personnel may cause electric shock or fire.
Install the unit on a sturdy floor and take an adequate precaution to prevent the unit from
turning over. If the floor is not strong enough or the installation site is not adequate, this may result
in injury from the unit falling or tipping over.
Never install the unit in a humid place or a place where it is likely to be splashed by water.
Deterioration of the insulation may result which could cause current leakage or electric shock.
Never install the unit in a flammable or volatile location. This may cause explosion or fire.
Never install the unit where acid or corrosive gases are present as current leakage or electric
shock may result due to corrosion.
Always ground (earth) the unit to prevent electric shock.
If the power supply outlet is not
grounded, it will be necessary to install a ground by qualified engineers.
Never ground the unit through a gas pipe, water main, telephone line or lightning rod. Such
grounding may cause electric shock in the case of an incomplete circuit.
Connect the unit to a power source as indicated on the rating label attached to the unit. Use
of any other voltage or frequency other than that on the rating label may cause fire or electric shock.
Never store volatile or flammable substances in this unit if the container cannot be sealed. These
may cause explosion or fire.
Do not insert metal objects such as a pin or a wire into any vent, gap or any outlet on the unit.
This may cause electric shock or injury by accidental contact with moving parts.
Use this unit in safe area when treating the poison, harmful or radiate articles. Improper use
may cause bad effect on your health or environment.
Turn off the power switch (if provided) and disconnect the power supply to the unit prior to
any repair or maintenance of the unit in order to prevent electric shock or injury.
Do not touch any electrical parts (such as power supply plug) or operate switches with a wet
hand. This may cause electric shock.


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