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Preventing Contamination - Sanyo MCO-18AC UV Instruction Manual

Co2 incubator
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To prevent contamination of the chamber, select an appropriate location for installation as well as the
complete disinfection of the chamber components.
● Avoid hot and humid location
Avoid location with high temperature and/or humidity as the presence of bacteria in the air is greater than
in normal environment.
● Avoid drafty location and location with many passers-by
Avoid locations near doors, air conditioners, fans, etc., where slight breezes can facilitate the entry of
bacteria into the chamber.
● Installation in a sterile room
To get the cultivation more efficiently, install the incubator in a sterile room.
● Use clean containers
The contamination is mainly caused by the containers such as Petri dishes or bottles stored in the
chamber. Always keep the containers clean.
● Always keep the chamber clean
The condensation may be caused on the inside of the door by spilled water form humidifying pan or
opening of outer door for long period. Wipe off the condensation completely with a sterile dry gauze.
Especially when the culture medium is spilled, clean and disinfect the chamber immediately. Refer to
page 27 "Routine maintenance" for details.
● Keep the inside panels dry
To protect the inside of the incubator from contamination, the inside panels should always be kept dry. If
water is spilled from a humidifying pan or if the door is kept open for a long period, condensation will form
on the panels, allowing germs to breed. In such a case, wipe away the water with a dry sterile gauze.
Particularly, if the medium is spilled, wipe it up immediately and sterilize the area.
● Fill the humidifying pan with sterile distilled water
Always use sterile distilled water to fill the pan. The water level alarm lamp (RH PAN) on the control
panel blinks when the water level is low. Refill the sterile distilled water to the pan when the water level
alarm lamp (RH PAN) blinks. Note that when low temperature sterile distilled water is poured, the
chamber temperature drops significantly. Clean the humidifying pan once a month.
● Do not place the incubator in the direct air flow from an air conditioning system
Air from an air conditioning system may cause condensation and lead to possible contamination.


Table of Contents

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