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Disposal Of Your Old Appliance - LG T7WM3P5MINI Owner's Manual

Mini washer
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•Securely plug the power plug in the socket outlet after completely
removing any moisture and dust.
•Disconnect the power cord before cleaning the appliance.
•Never unplug the appliance by pulling on the power cable. Always
grip the power plug firmly and pull straight out from the socket
•Do not spray water inside or outside the appliance to clean it.
•Before discarding an old appliance, unplug it. Cut off the cable
directly behind the appliance to prevent misuse.
•Dispose of all packaging materials (such as plastic bags and
styrofoam) away from children. The packaging materials can
cause suffocation.
•Remove the door before disposing of or discarding this appliance
to avoid the danger of children or small animals getting trapped

Disposal of Your Old Appliance

• This crossed-out wheeled bin symbol indicates that waste electrical and electronic
products (WEEE) should be disposed of separately from the municipal waste stream.
• Old electrical products can contain hazardous substances so correct disposal of your
old appliance will help prevent potential negative consequences for the environment
and human health. Your old appliance may contain reusable parts that could be used
to repair other products, and other valuable materials that can be recycled to
conserve limited resources.
• You can take your appliance either to the shop where you purchased the product, or
contact your local government waste office for details of your nearest authorised
WEEE collection point. For the most up to date information for your country please



Table of Contents