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Leveling The Appliance - LG T7WM3P5MINI Owner's Manual

Mini washer
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Leveling the Appliance

If the floor is uneven, turn the adjustable feet as
required (Do not insert pieces of wood etc.
under the feet). Make sure that all four feet are
stable and resting on the floor and then check
that the appliance is perfectly level (Use a spirit
• Once the appliance is level, tighten the lock
nuts up towards the base of the appliance. All
lock nuts must be tightened.
Lock nut
Diagonal Check
• When pushing down the edges of the top
plate diagonally, the appliance should not
move up and down at all (check both
directions). If the appliance rocks when
pushing the machine top plate diagonally,
adjust the feet again.
• When stacking the front-loading washing
machine on the pedestal washing machine,
use the leveling feet on the pedestal washing
machine to level both. The front-loading
washing machine´s leveling feet should be
minimized and the locknuts turned
counterclockwise to secure them.
• Timber or suspended type flooring may
contribute to excessive vibration and
• If the washing machine is installed on a raised
platform, it must be securely fastened in order
to eliminate the risk of falling off.
Tighten all 4
lock nuts securely
Using Anti-Slip Sheets (Optional)
If you install the appliance on a slippery
surface, it may move because of excessive
vibration. Incorrect leveling may cause
malfunction through noise and vibration. If this
occurs, install the anti-slip sheets under the
leveling feet and adjust the level.
Clean the floor to attach the anti-slip sheets.
• Use a dry rag to remove and clean foreign
objects and moisture. If moisture remains,
the anti-slip sheets may slip.
Adjust the level after placing the appliance
in the installation area.
Place the adhesive side of the anti-slip
sheets on the floor.
• It is most effective to install the anti-slip
sheets under the front feet. If it is difficult
to place the pads under the front feet,
place them under the back feet.
Ensure the appliance is level.
• Push or rock the top edges of the
appliance gently to make sure that the
appliance does not rock. If the appliance
rocks, level the appliance again.
• You can obtain anti-slip sheets from the LG
Service Centre.
This side up
Adhesive side



Table of Contents