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LG T7WM3P5MINI Owner's Manual page 38

Mini washer
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UE rebalancing operation is
not successful.
The load is too small.
Heavy articles are mixed with
lighter items.
The load is out of balance.
Control error.
Water level is too high due to
a faulty water valve.
The water level sensor is not
working correctly.
A motor error has occurred.
It is time to run the Tub Clean
Pedestal washing machine is
being operated without a
full-size washing machine.
Stacking switch is not
working properly.
Drain hose, supply hose or
drain pump is frozen.
CL is not an error. This
prevents children from
changing cycles or operating
the appliance.
• The automatic attempt to rebalance the
load was not successful. The cycle has
been paused to allow the load to be
manually adjusted.
• Add more items to allow the washing
machine to balance the loads.
• Wash articles of somewhat similar
• Manually redistribute the load if articles
have become tangled.
• Unplug the power plug and call for
• Close the water taps, unplug the washing
machine, and call for service.
• Close the water taps, unplug the washing
machine, and call for service.
• Allow the washing machine to stand for
30 minutes and then restart the cycle. If
the LE error code persists, call for
• Run the Tub Clean programme.
• The pedestal washing machine will not
operate as a standalone unit. It must be
stacked under an LG front-loading
washing machine.
• The stacking switch will not operate
properly if the unit is stacked under a
non-LG appliance.
• Thaw out the supply hose using a hot
water cloth.
• Pour warm water in the drum.
• To deactivate, press the
Trommelreinigung and Spülen+ button
for three seconds.



Table of Contents

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