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Adding Cleaning Products - LG T7WM3P5MINI Owner's Manual

Mini washer
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Adding Cleaning Products

Detergent Dosage
• Detergent should be used according to the
instruction of the detergent manufacturer and
selected according to type, colour, soiling of
the fabric and washing temperature.
• If too much detergent is used, too many suds
can occur and this will result in poor washing
results or cause heavy load to the motor.
• If you wish to use liquid detergent follow the
guidelines provided by the detergent
• If too many suds occur, reduce the detergent
• Detergent usage may need to be adjusted for
water temperature, water hardness, size and
soil level of the load. For best results, avoid
• Refer to the label of the clothes, before
choosing the detergent and water
• When using the washing machine, use
designated detergent for each type of clothing
− General powdered detergents for all types of
− Powdered detergents for delicate fabric
− Liquid detergents for all types of fabric or
designated detergents only for wool
• For better washing performance and
whitening, use detergent with the general
powdered bleach.
Adding Detergent
Measure the detergent with the detergent
dispenser and pour it into the tub.
• Use the provided detergent measuring cup to
add only one cup of detergent.
• Reduce the amount of detergent for lightly
soiled laundry. If you use too much detergent,
excessive bubbles will remain after rinsing.



Table of Contents