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Error Messages - LG T7WM3P5MINI Owner's Manual

Mini washer
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Error Messages

Drawer is not closed
Door is not closed properly.
Water supply taps are not
fully open.
Water line hoses are kinked,
pinched, or crushed.
Water inlet filters are
Water supply pressure to tap
or house is too low.
Water supply connected with
leak-limiting hoses.
Drain hose is kinked,
pinched, or clogged.
Drain discharge is more than
1.2 m above bottom of
washing machine.
• Close the drawer and press Start/Pause
button to start the cycle.
• If the drawer is closed and the drawer
lock error message is displayed, call for
• Open the drawer and make sure the
latch area is free of clothing or other
• Close the door, shut the drawer, and
press Start/Pause to start the cycle.
• If the door is closed and the door error
message is displayed, call for service.
• Make sure that the water taps are fully
• Make sure that the hoses are not kinked
or pinched. Be careful when moving the
washing machine during cleaning and
• Clean the inlet filters.
• Check another tap in the house to make
sure that household water pressure is
adequate and flow is not restricted.
Disconnect the supply hose from the
washing machine and run a few liters of
water through the hose to flush the water
supply lines. If flow is too low, contact a
plumber to have the water lines repaired.
• Hoses designed to limit leaks can trip
falsely and prevent the washing machine
from filling. The use of leak limiting hoses
is not recommended.
• Make sure the drain hose is free of clogs,
kinks, etc., and is not pinched behind or
under the washing machine.
• Adjust or repair drain. Maximum drain
height is 1.2 m.



Table of Contents