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LG T7WM3P5MINI Owner's Manual page 33

Mini washer
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Table of Contents
Water leaking
Supply hose connection is
loose at the tap, washing
machine, or drain hose
House drain pipes are
Drain hose has come out of
drain connector or is not
inserted far enough.
Load is too large for the
Oversudsing of detergent.
Washing machine not
unloaded promptly.
Washing machine overloaded.
Hot and cold water supply
hoses are reversed.
• Check hoses and drain hose connectors
for leaks, cracks and splits.
• Tighten hose connections.
• The washing machine pumps out water
very rapidly. Check for water backing up
out of the drain pipe during drain. If water
is seen coming out of the drain, check for
proper drain hose installation and check
for restrictions in the drain. Contact a
plumber to repair drain pipe.
• Tie drain hose to supply hose or
standpipe to prevent it from coming out
during drain. For smaller drain pipes,
insert the drain hose into the pipe as far
as the drain hose flange. For larger drain
pipes, insert the drain hose into the pipe
2-5 cm past the flange.
• Reduce the load or use the front-loading
washing machine.
• Stop the washing machine and check the
load. Make sure the load fits loosely in
the drum and the door closes easily.
• Oversudsing may create leaks, and may
be caused by the type and amount of
detergent used. Always reduce the
amount of detergent if the load is small
or lightly soiled, or if your water is very
soft. Never use more than the maximum
amount shown in the dispenser provided.
• Always remove items from the washing
machine as soon as the cycle is
• The washing machine can be fully
loaded, but the drum should not be tightly
packed with items. The door of the
washing machine should close easily.
• Hot water rinse can set wrinkles in
garments. Check the supply hose



Table of Contents

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