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Closing The Door And Drawer - LG T7WM3P5MINI Owner's Manual

Mini washer
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Closing the Door and Drawer

Push the washing machine door until it
Push the drawer completely closed.
• Do not let your hands get stuck between the
door and the washing machine, as this can
cause injury.
• Forcing the drawer or the door to open can
cause part damages and safety problems.
• Closing the drawer before having closed the
door completely may scratch the door glass.
• Ensure the drawer is pulled out completely to
prevent the door from contacting the front load
washing machine.
• Door lock may fail if there is too much laundry
in the machine or if the door is not completely
• If the product is operating or the drawer lock
, indicator is displayed, the door cannot
open. To open the door, press the Start/
Pause button to stop the product, and when
drawer lock
, indicator disappears, open the
door. Do not force the drawer and door open.
• If
on the display, close the drawer and the door
completely. After doing so, press the Start/
Pause button.
• If the drawer cannot be opened completely,
pull the drawer forward with a little force using
both hands.
• If power failure occurs during product
operation, the door cannot be opened. Provide
the power again or contact the LG service
centre. (in case of boil wash, the door may not
open after the power is supplied again due to
high temperature inside the washing
• If the door cannot open due to high
temperature, carry out rinsing with cold water
using the Rinse+Spin programme or wait a
while before opening the door.
or a warning sign appears



Table of Contents