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Installing The Device In Hazardous Locations - Siemens RUGGEDCOM RSG910C Installation Manual

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Table of Contents
Installing the Device
2.2 Installing the Device in Hazardous Locations
If any item is missing or damaged, contact Siemens for assistance.

Installing the Device in Hazardous Locations

The RUGGEDCOM RSG910C is designed to comply with the safety standards for Class
I, Division 2, Zone 2 hazardous locations where concentrations of flammable gases,
vapors or liquids may be present, as opposed to normal operating environments.
Special Conditions for Safe Use
Installation and use of the device in a hazardous location must meet the following
special conditions for safe use:
For further details of the device's compliance with Class I, Division 2, Zone 2 stan-
dards, refer to
Do not disconnect or open equipment unless power has been switched off or the
area is known to be non-hazardous.
Débrancher ou ouvrir l'équipment seulement si l'alimnetation a été coupée ou si l'on
sait que la zone ne pose aucun danger.
Substitution of the components may impair suitability for Class I, Division 2.
Verify all items are included.
The equipment shall be installed in an enclosure that is considered to be not ac-
cessible in normal operation without the use of a tool providing a degree of pro-
tection of not less than IP54 according to IEC 60079-0 and IEC 60079-7 or IEC
60079-15. The installer shall ensure that the maximum ambient temperature of
the equipment when installed is not exceeded.
The equipment shall be used in an area of not more than pollution degree 2 as
defined in IEC 60664-1.
Transient protection shall be provided that is set at a level not exceeding 140% of
the peak rated voltage value at the supply and failsafe relay contact terminals to
the equipment.
The console ports (USB Type-B) shall be used in a non-hazardous area only.
Pluggable communication modules shall not be connected or disconnected in
hazardous locations.
The equipment must be appropriately connected to safety Earth upon installa-
"Approvals (Page
Installation Manual, 02/2020, C79000-G8976-1405-06


Table of Contents

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