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Preface; Related Documents; Accessing Documentation; Disclaimer Of Liability - Siemens RUGGEDCOM RSG910C Installation Manual

Simatic net rugged ethernet switches
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This guide describes the RUGGEDCOM RSG910C. It describes the major features of
the device, installation, commissioning and important technical specifications.
It is intended for use by network technical support personnel who are responsible
for the installation, commissioning and maintenance of the device. It is also recom-
mended for use by network and system planners, system programmers, and line

Related Documents

Other documents that may be of interest include:
RUGGEDCOM ROS Configuration
RUGGEDCOM SFP Transceivers

Accessing Documentation

The latest user documentation for RUGGEDCOM RSG910C is available online at
contact Siemens Customer Support.

Disclaimer of Liability

Siemens has verified the contents of this document against the hardware and/or soft-
ware described. However, deviations between the product and the documentation
may exist.
Siemens shall not be liable for any errors or omissions contained herein or for conse-
quential damages in connection with the furnishing, performance, or use of this ma-
The information given in this document is reviewed regularly and any necessary cor-
rections will be included in subsequent editions. We appreciate any suggested im-
provements. We reserve the right to make technical improvements without notice.

Registered Trademarks

RUGGEDCOM ™ and ROS™ are trademarks of Siemens AG.
Installation Manual, 02/2020, C79000-G8976-1405-06
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