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Training; Customer Support - Siemens RUGGEDCOM RSG910C Installation Manual

Simatic net rugged ethernet switches
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Other designations in this manual might be trademarks whose use by third parties
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Siemens offers a wide range of educational services ranging from in-house training
of standard courses on networking, Ethernet switches and routers, to on-site cus-
tomized courses tailored to the customer's needs, experience and application.
Siemens' Educational Services team thrives on providing our customers with the es-
sential practical skills to make sure users have the right knowledge and expertise to
understand the various technologies associated with critical communications net-
work infrastructure technologies.
Siemens ' unique mix of IT/Telecommunications expertise combined with domain
knowledge in the utility, transportation and industrial markets, allows Siemens to
provide training specific to the customer's application.
For more information about training services and course availability, visit

Customer Support

Customer support is available 24 hours, 7 days a week for all Siemens customers.
For technical support or general information, contact Siemens Customer Support
through any of the following methods:
or contact a Siemens Sales representative.
Support Request (SR) or check on the status of an existing SR.
Call a local hotline center to submit a Support Request (SR). To locate a lo-
cal hotline center, visit­?lang=en.
Mobile App
Install the Industry Online Support app by Siemens AG on any Android,
Apple iOS or Windows mobile device and be able to:
Access Siemens' extensive library of support documentation, includ-
ing FAQs and manuals
Submit SRs or check on the status of an existing SR
Contact a local Siemens representative from Sales, Technical Support,
Training, etc.
Ask questions or share knowledge with fellow Siemens customers
and the support community
to submit a
Installation Manual, 02/2020, C79000-G8976-1405-06



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