List Of Pictograms Used; Introduction; Proper Use - Silvercrest SFW 100 B2 Operating Instructions And Safety Advices

Foot warmer
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List of pictograms used

Read the instructions!
Volt (AC)
Hertz (mains frequency)
Watts (effective power)
Safety class II
Observe caution and safety notes!
Not suitable for very small children
age 0–3 years!
Do not insert pins!
The textiles used in this foot warmer
meet the strict human ecological re-
quirements of Öko-Tex Standard 100,
as verified by the German Hohenstein
Research Institute.
Foot Warmer
Please make yourself familiar with the
foot warmer before preparing it for use
or using it for the first time. Please read
the following operating instructions and the impor-
tant safety instructions carefully. Always use the foot
warmer only as described and for the stated areas
of use. Keep these instructions in a safe place. If you
pass the foot warmer on to anyone else, please en-
sure that you also pass on all the documentation.
Do not use folded or rucked!
Caution – electric shock!
Danger to life!
Do not wash
Hand washing
Do not use bleach.
Do not dry in a tumbler dryer.
Do not iron.
Do not dry clean.
Dispose of the packaging and the
foot warmer in an environmentally
friendly manner!

Proper use

This foot warmer is intended for applying heat to
the human body. Do not use the foot warmer wear-
ing shoes, as this would reduce your sensitivity to
heat and also soil the foot warmer. This foot warmer
is not intended for use in hospitals or for commercial
use. In particular it must not be used for babies or
infants, persons who are insensitive to heat, helpless
persons, or animals. Any use other than that described
here or modification to the foot warmer is not per-
mitted and could lead to injury and / or damage to
the product. The manufacturer accepts no liability
for any damage caused by improper use.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents