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Wall Installation - Uniden MER 9600C Manual

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Wall Installation

Standard Wall Plate Mounting
The Base Unit is designed to be mounted on a standard AT&T or
GTE wall plate. To attach the wall mount stand to the Base Unit:
1. Slide the Wall Mount stand
into the notches at the top of
the Base Unit, rotate the wall
mount stand down and snap
it into place.
2. Plug the AC Adapter into the Base Unit as previously described.
3. Place the AC Adapter cord
inside the molded channel of
the Wall Mount stand.
4. Plug one end of the short telephone cord into the LINE jack on
the Base Unit. Then plug one end of a Meridian desk phone line
into the PHONE jack. Place the Telephone cords inside the
molded channels on the bottom of the Wall Mount stand.
5. Plug the other end of the short telephone cord into the modular
wall jack in the center of the wall plate.
6. Place the Base Unit on the
posts of the wall plate and
push down until it's firmly



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