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Your Exp9530 Headset - Uniden MER 9600C Manual

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Your EXP9530 Headset

The optional EXP9530 Head Set provides a "Hands-Free" Option for
the MER 9600C. It is highly recommended that you use the
EXP9530 Head Set with the MER 9600C. With the Head Set
installed, you can use the Belt Clip to carry the Handset, and conduct
a conversation using the Head Set.
To install the optional Head Set
1. Open the cover over the
2. Plug the Head Set in. No other settings are needed.
Operation of the MER 9600C using the Head Set is exactly the
same as using the Handset. However, you will hear through the Head
Set earphone, and talk through the Head Set microphone. The
Handset earphone and microphone (mouthpiece) are disconnected.



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