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Low Battery Indicator; Cleaning The Charging Contacts - Uniden MER 9600C Manual

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4. After charging is complete, press out on the latch and remove
the Battery Pack for use. Or, if you don't need the Battery pack
immediately, leave it in the Charging Compartment (It will not

Low Battery Indicator

When the Battery Pack in the
Handset is low and needs to be
charged, you will see the bat low
icon appear on the display. If you are
on a call you will also hear a beep
every 3 seconds.
On a Call
Only the talk key operates.
Handset beeps once every 3 seconds
Complete your call as quickly as possible
Replace Battery pack within 20 seconds
to continue call.
Return the Handset to the Charging Unit for charging or replace the
Handset Battery Pack with another charged Battery Pack.

Cleaning the Charging Contacts

To maintain a good charge, it is important to clean all charging
contacts on the Handset and Charging Unit about once a month. Use
a pencil eraser or other contact cleaner. Do not use any liquids or
In Standby Mode
None of the keys operate.
Handset beeps every 15 seconds for 15
Cannot make call.
Replace Battery Pack before making a
bat low



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