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Uniden TCX930 Owner's Manual

Uniden cordless telephone owner's manual
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  Summary of Contents for Uniden TCX930

  • Page 2: Terminology Used In This Manual

    Important! The TCX930 accessory handset wll not operate untl t s regstered to a Unden man base. Ths manual descrbes how to set up your new handset; for more detaled nstructons on operatng your new handset, please refer to the manual suppled wth your base.
  • Page 3: Compatible Bases

    Gently pull on the battery wres. If the battery connector comes loose, try connectng t agan. Replace the battery case cover and slde t up untl t clcks nto place. Note: Use only the Uniden BT-1004 or BT-909 rechargeable battery pack supplied with your cordless telephone. • Beltclp • Prnted Materal Output: 9V DC 0 mA...
  • Page 4: Installing The Belt Clip

    s placed n the charger. Connect the AC adapter to the DC IN 9V jack and to a 0V AC outlet that s not controlled by a wall swtch. Caution: Use only the Uniden AD-0005 adapter. Set the charger on a desk or tabletop, and place the handset n the charger wth the keypad facng forward.
  • Page 5: Registering The Handset

    Registering the Handset You must regster the handset to the base before you can use t. Only one handset can be regstered at a tme. (If an accessory handset has ever been regstered to a base, you must reset the handset before you can regster t to a new base.) To regster to a TRU9300 seres base, place the accessory handset n the base.
  • Page 6: Resetting The Handset Without The Base

    Resetting the Handset Without the Base If the orgnal base ths handset was regstered to s not avalable for some reason (for example, t s lost or somehow ncapactated), you can stll reset the handset and use t wth another base. Press and hold [ ] and [#] for more than 5 seconds, untl the SYSTEM RESET menu appears.
  • Page 7: Using The Interface

    Using the Interface Parts of the Handset Headset Jack Cover Beltclp Hole Speakerphone Speaker and Rnger Handset Battery Compartment New Message LED Handset Earpece LCD Dsplay [menu/clear] key ] key (up) [ /flash] key (talk/flash) ] key (phonebook/left) /tone] key [hold/int’com/xfer] key [redial/pause] key [select/ messages) ] key (caller ID/rght) [ ] key (end call)
  • Page 8: Reading The Display

    Reading the Display The handset dsplay uses cons to tell you the status of your phone. The table below lsts the cons and what they mean. Icon Status Standby/ Talk :OFF Standby Talk Talk Talk Talk The Standby Screen When the phone s n standby, the handset dsplay shows the followng tems: :OFF :OFF...
  • Page 9 Using the Handset Menus To open the menu, press [menu/clear]. Select the opton you want by pressng the four-way functon key. Ths wll move the cursor; the opton currently selected has a trangle besde t. Actvate the selected opton by pressng [select/ menu and return to standby, press [ ]. If you do not press a key wthn 30 seconds, the phone wll tme out and ext the menu.
  • Page 10 For example, to enter "Moves": Press [6] once to enter M. Use [right] on the four-way functon key to move the cursor to the rght. Press [6] sx tmes to enter o. Press [8] sx tmes to enter v. Press [4] sx tmes to enter i. Press [3] five times to enter e.
  • Page 11: Making And Receiving Calls

    Using Your Accessory Handset Making and Receiving Calls With the earpiece Remove the handset from the charger. Make a call Dal the number. Press [ /flash]. Pck up the handset. (If AutoTalk s on, the phone answers when you remove the handset from Answer the chargng cradle.) a call Press [ /flash]. (If Any Key Answer s on, you can press any key n the twelve-key pad.)
  • Page 12: Using Caller Id And Call Waiting

    Using Caller ID and Call Waiting If you subscrbe to Caller ID, you can store up to 30 Caller ID numbers n each handset. Caller ID records are stored from newest to oldest. Once your Caller ID lst s full and you receve an ncomng call, the oldest record wll be automatcally deleted to make room for the new record.
  • Page 13: Using The Phonebook

    Using the Phonebook Your handset can store up to 70 names and numbers n your phonebook. When all the phonebook entres are full, you wll hear a beep and MEMORY FULL appears. You cannot store any addtonal names and numbers unless you delete some of the exstng ones.
  • Page 14: Redialing A Number

    Redialing a Number To redial one of the last five numbers dialed on this handset, press [redial/pause] when the phone s n standby. Ths opens the redal lst. Use [ dal, and press [ /flash] or [ ], and then [redial/pause] to redal the last number daled.) Muting the Ringer (One Call Only) Whle the handset s rngng, press [ ] to mute the rnger for ths call.
  • Page 15: Using The Clarity Boost Feature

    Using the Clarity Boost Feature If you encounter nterference whle you are on a call, you can manually mprove the sound by turnng on the clarty boost feature. Press [menu/clear], move the cursor to select CLARITY BOOST, and then press [select/ ]. BOOST ON and B appear n the dsplay.
  • Page 16 Using Hold, Conference, Transfer and Intercom Put a call on hold Join a call already in progress Transfer a call Cancel a transfer To cancel the transfer and return to the call, Accept a transferred call Make an intercom page Cancel a page Answer an intercom page Press [hold/int'com/xfer]. If you leave a caller on hold for more than five minutes, the call will be dsconnected.
  • Page 17: Screening Calls

    Accessing Your Answering Machine If your base has an answerng machne, you can use your handset to get your messages and change your answerng machne setup. You have the followng optons: Play Press [select/ messages of new and old messages and plays the message. Press [ Repeat a Press [...
  • Page 18: Accessing Voicemail

    Accessing Voicemail If your base doesn't have an answerng machne and you subscrbe to a voce mal servce, you can program your handset to automatcally dal the access number. Press [menu/clear]. Move the cursor to HANDSET SETUP and press [select/ Move the cursor to EDIT VOICE MAIL and press [select/ Enter your access number (up to 0 dgts).
  • Page 19: Clean The Battery Contacts

    Battery Replacement and Handling Wth normal usage, your battery should last about one year. If the talk tme becomes short even after the battery s recharged, please replace the battery. You can purchase a replacement battery by callng Unden's Parts department. See the back cover page for contact nformaton.
  • Page 20: The Fcc Wants You To Know

    The FCC Wants You To Know Changes or modifications to this product not expressly approved by Unden, or operaton of ths product n any way other than as detaled by the owner's manual, could vod your authorty to operate ths product. Ths devce comples wth part 5 of the FCC rules. Operaton s subject to the followng two condtons: () Ths devce may not cause harmful nterference, and () Ths devce must accept any nterference receved, ncludng nterference that may cause undesred operaton.
  • Page 21: One Year Limited Warranty

    One Year Limited Warranty Important: Evdence of orgnal purchase s requred for warranty servce. WARRANTOR: UNIDEN AMERICA CORPORATION ("Unden") ELEMENTS OF WARRANTY: Unden warrants, for one year, to the orgnal retal owner, ths Unden Product to be free from defects n materals and craftsmanshp wth only the lmtatons or exclusons set out below.
  • Page 22 LEGAL REMEDIES: This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rghts whch vary from state to state. Ths warranty s vod outsde the Unted States of Amerca and Canada. PROCEDURE FOR OBTAINING PERFORMANCE OF WARRANTY: If, after followng the nstructons n the owner's manual you are certan that the Product s defectve, pack the Product carefully (preferably n ts orgnal packagng).
  • Page 23: At Uniden, We'll Take Care Of You

    At Uniden, we'll take care of you! Thank you for purchasng a Unden product. f you have any questons or problems, please do not return ths product to the place of purchase. Our customer care specalsts are here to Having help you! Vst our webste at www.unden.
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