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Important Electrical Considerations; Range; Telephone Line Problems - Uniden MER 9600C Manual

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Important Electrical Considerations

Warning: Please do not attempt to unplug any appliance during
an electrical storm.
Unplug all electrical appliances when you know an electrical storm is
approaching. Lightning can pass through your household wiring and
damage any device connected to it. This phone is no exception.
Changes or modifications to this product not expressly
approved by Uniden, or operation of this product in any
way other than as detailed by this Operating Guide, could
void your authority to operate this product.


Your new phone is designed to achieve the maximum possible range
by transmitting and receiving according to the highest specifications
set forth by the FCC. We have rated this phone to operate at a
maximum distance with the qualification that the range depends upon
the environment in which the telephone is used. Many factors limit
range, and it would be impossible to include all the variables in our
rating. The Maximum Range rating of this phone is meant to be used
as a means of comparison against other range claims.

Telephone Line Problems

The FCC has granted the telephone company the right to disconnect
service in the event that your phone causes problems on the
telephone line. Also, the telephone company may make changes in
facilities and services which may affect the operation of your unit.
However, your telephone company must give adequate notice in
writing prior to such actions to allow you time for making necessary
arrangements to continue uninterrupted service.
If you are having trouble with your telephone service, you must first
disconnect your phone to determine if it is the cause of your problem.
If you determine that it is the cause, you must leave it disconnected
until the trouble has been corrected.



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