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Uniden 2.4 Owner's Manual

Uniden owner's manual cordless telephone uniden multi-handset
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  • Page 3: Quick Reference Guide

    • Telephone Cord • Belt Clip(s) • Owner's Manual • Other Printed Materials Uniden Parts Department at (800) 554-3988 Hours: M-F 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST. or visit our website at for replacement parts. w w w . u n i d e n . c o m...
  • Page 4 Step 3 Connect to Phone Line When the handset battery pack is fully charged (after 15-20 hours of charging), plug the telephone cord into the base unit and then into a telephone wall jack. Your phone is set for tone dialing. If your local network requires pulse dialing, please see “D.
  • Page 5 Horas: de Lunes a Viernes desde las 8 a.m. hasta las 5:00 p.m., hora central O visítenos en nuestra página Web en para conseguir las partes de reemplazo. w w w . u n i d e n . c o m 2°...
  • Page 6 3° Paso Conexión a la línea telefónica Cuando el paquete de pilas del receptor esté totalmente cargado, después de una carga de 15-20 horas, conecte el cable telefónico en la base y luego en el enchufe telefónico de la pared. Al enchufe Telefónico A la línea Telefónica Cable de línea Telefónica...
  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE WELCOME/FEATURES/TERMINOLOGY CONTROLS AND FUNCTIONS DISPLAY AND ICONS GETTING STARTED Setting up the Phone Mounting the Base Unit on a Wall About the Menu Options Setting up the Menu BASICS Making and Receiving Calls Placing a Call on Hold Redialing a Call Adjusting the Handset Ringer, Earpiece and Speaker Volume 31 Mute Microphone...
  • Page 8: Welcome/Features/Terminology

    Welcome Congratulations on your purchase of the Uniden Multi-Handset Cordless System telephone. This unit is different from conventional cordless telephones. When the base unit is connected to AC power and a telephone line, it can support up to 4 handsets. Using extra handsets, you can establish a 3-way conference call (2 handsets and an outside line), while two other handsets are making an intercom call.
  • Page 9  Uniden is a registered trademark of Uniden America Corporation. AutoTalk, AutoStandby, DirectLink, and Random Code are trademarks of Uniden America. Terminology •Standby Mode - The handset is not in use and talk/flash has not been pressed. •Talk Mode - The handset is not in the cradle and talk/flash or speaker has been pressed enabling a dial tone.
  • Page 10: Controls And Functions

    Controls & Functions [ 8 ] C O N T R O L S & F U N C T I O N S 1. Handset Antenna 2. Headset Jack Cover 3. Beltclip Hole 4. Hands-Free Speaker 5. Handset Battery Compartment 6.
  • Page 11 w w w . u n i d e n . c o m 23.Base Antenna 24.Base Charging Contacts 25.Charge LED 26.Find handset Key (P. 34) 27.TEL LINE Jack 28.DC IN 9V Jack For DCT646-2 only 29.Charging Contacts 30.Charge LED 31.DC IN 9V Jack C O N T R O L S &...
  • Page 12: Display And Icons

    Display and Icons Example of the standby mode display ICON STATUS Standby/Talk Standby Talk Talk Talk Talk [ 1 0 ] D I S P L A Y A N D I C O N S Day of the week and time / battery icon Handset ID and Banner Number of new Caller ID calls received / Ringer off icon (when the ringer is Off) Battery icons indicate the handset battery status.
  • Page 13: Getting Started

    Setting up the Phone Do the following steps: A. Choose the best location. B. Install the rechargeable battery pack into the handset. C. Connect the base unit. D. Choose the dialing mode. A. Choose the best location Before choosing a location for your new phone, read “Installation Considerations” on page 61.
  • Page 14 DO NOT plug the telephone cord into the base unit • Use only the and wall jack until the battery is fully charged. Uniden (BT-446) rechargeable 1) Press down on the handset battery case cover (use the finger...
  • Page 15: Low Battery Alert

    Low battery alert When the battery pack is very low and need to be charged, the phone is programmed to eliminate functions in order to save power. The battery pack needs to be charged when: - The empty battery icon appears. Lo w B at t er y appears in the display.
  • Page 16 C. Connect the base unit 1) Connect the AC adapter to the DC IN 9V jack and to a note standard 120V AC wall outlet. •Use only the supplied [AD-800] AC adapter. Do not use any other AC adapter. •Place the power cord 2) Set the base on a desk or tabletop, and place the so that it does not handset in the base unit.
  • Page 17 D. Choose the dialing mode Most phone systems use tone dialing, which sends DTMF tones through the phone lines. However some phone systems still use pulse dialing such as in rural areas. The default setting is tone dialing. Depending on your dialing system, set the dial mode. To set the dial mode, see “Setting the Dial Mode”...
  • Page 18: Mounting The Base Unit On A Wall

    Mounting the Base Unit on a Wall Standard wall plate mounting This phone can be mounted on any standard wall plate. DO NOT use an AC 1) Plug the AC adapter into the DC IN 9V jack. outlet controlled by a wall switch.
  • Page 19: Direct Wall Mounting

    Direct wall mounting If you don't have a standard wall plate, you can mount your phone directly to the wall. Before doing this, consider the following: • Avoid electrical cables, pipes, or other items behind the mounting location that could cause a hazard when inserting screws into the wall.
  • Page 20: About The Menu Options

    About the Menu Options note There are 5 main menu options, (DirectLink Mode, Room Monitor, Handset Setup, Global Setup and System Reset) and 16 submenu options. During Global Setup and System Reset, make sure Summary of Main Menu and Submenu Options your cordless phone is in standby mode (not in use), and all handsets...
  • Page 21: Handset Setup

    Handset Setup The following submenu options must be set separately for each handset. Submenu option Edit Voice Mail Program or delete the voice mail access number (see page 22). Ringer Tones Adjusting the ringer tone (tone your phone makes when ringing) (Default is Flicker) (see page 23).
  • Page 22: Global Setup

    Global Setup If you change one of the Global settings, you change the setting for all additional handsets. Only one handset can change Global settings at a time. Submenu option Day & time CIDCW (Default is CW on/CWDX off) Area Code Dial Mode (Default is tone) Copy Phonebook...
  • Page 23: Setting Up The Menu

    Setting Up the Menu Entering the Menu 1) Press the menu/del key in standby mode. 2) Use ring/vol/∧ or ring/vol/∨ to move the pointer to a desired main menu (DirectLink Mode, Room Monitor, Handset Setup, Global Setup, and System Reset). 3) Press select/ to select the desired main menu.
  • Page 24 Room Monitor Using Room Monitor note 1) Enter the Room Monitor menu (see "Entering the Menu" on page 21). T o R oo m M o ni t or This is an example, if 2) Select the handset you want to monitor by using you have handset #1 and #2.
  • Page 25 Selecting a Ringer Tone 1) Enter the Handset Setup menu, and then the Ringer Tones submenu (see "Entering the Menu" on page 21). There are 10 ringer tones or 10 melodies to choose from. - Ringers [Flicker, Clatter, Soft Alert, Wake Up, Light Bug, Beep Boop, Tone Board, Chip Chop, Party Clap, Reminder] - Melodies [Beethoven's Symphony #9 (Beethoven9), For Elise (Elise), We Wish You A Merry Christmas (Merry-Xmas), Home Sweet Home (Hm Swt Hm), Lorri Song #6 (Lorri Song),...
  • Page 26 Setting the Anykey Answer 1) Enter the Handset Setup menu, and then the Anykey Answer submenu (see "Entering the Menu" on page 21). 2) Press ring/vol/∧ or ring/vol/∨ to seelct 3) Press select/ Setting the True Banner 1) Enter the Handset Setup menu, and then the Banner submenu (see "Entering the Menu"...
  • Page 27 Global Setup Setting Day and Time 1) Enter the Global Setup menu, and then the Day & Time submenu (see "Entering the Menu" on page 21). 2) Press ring/vol/∧ or ring/vol/∨ to select the day of the week, and then press select/ 3) Press ring/vol/∧...
  • Page 28 Setting the Dial Mode 1) Enter the Global Setup menu, and then the Dial Mode submenu (see "Entering the Menu" on page 21). 2) Press ring/vol/∧ or ring/vol/∨ to change the select, T o ne 3) Press select/ Copy Phonebook 1) Enter the Global Setup menu, and then the Copy note Phonebook submenu (see "Entering the Menu"...
  • Page 29 Voice Mail Tone 1) Enter the Global Setup menu, and then the Voice Mail Tone submenu (see "Entering the Menu" on page 21). 2) Press ring/vol/∧ or ring/vol/∨ to set the voice message indication (SDT message signal) to 3) Press select/ .
  • Page 30: Basics

    Making and Receiving Calls note This handset has a built-in speakerphone that allows you to have a hands-free conversation. This feature allows you to communicate easily while performing other tasks, such as cooking. •To set Autotalk, see You can easily switch a call from normal conversation to hands-free conversation. page 23 or to set Anykey Answer see To switch a call, press speaker during the call.
  • Page 31: Placing A Call On Hold

    Placing a Call on Hold 1) During a call, press hold/transfer/int’com. The call will be put on hold. After 10 seconds of pressing hold/transfer/int’com or by pressing the end key, the handset display screen will read, 2) To talk to the caller, press talk/flash or speaker on a handset.
  • Page 32: Redialing A Call

    Redialing a Call note The last three phone numbers dialed can be quickly redialed. Redialing from Standby Mode 1) Press redial/pause in standby mode. •If the number exceeds 2) Press redial/pause again. Each press of redial/pause will 32 digits, only the first display one of the last three number redialed.
  • Page 33: Adjusting The Handset Ringer, Earpiece And Speaker Volume

    Adjusting the Handset Ringer, Earpiece and Speaker Volume Handset ringer volume Press the volume up key or volume down key (labeled as vol/∧ or /vol/∨ in standby mode to select one of three ringer volume (off, low, or high). Earpiece and speaker volume Pressing the volume up key or volume down key (labeled as /vol/∧...
  • Page 34: Mute Microphone

    Mute Microphone You can temporarily turn off the microphone so that the person you are talking with cannot hear you. 1)Press menu/del during talk mode (while phone is in use). 2)Press ring/vol/∧ or ring/vol/∨ to move the pointer to M ute O n is set to on, Tone Dialing Switch-over note...
  • Page 35: Clarity Booster

    Clarity Booster If you encounter interference while using your phone, you can manually improve the sound by seting the Clarity Booster to on. This works only when the phone is in use. 1) Press menu/del during talk time (while phone is in use). 2) Press ring/vol/∧...
  • Page 36: Find Handset

    Find Handset note To locate the handset, press find handset on the base when the base is in standby mode. All registered handsets beeps for 60 seconds, and " cancel paging, press any key on the handset or find handset •If the battery pack is on the base.
  • Page 37: Using One Touch Voice Mail Access

    Using One Touch Voice Mail Access If you subscribe to voice mail service, you can use your phone to access your voice mailbox. The new message LED flashes whenever you have messages waiting in your voice mailbox. Just program the handset with your access number, and you can get your messages at the touch of a button on the handset.
  • Page 38: Phonebook

    Phonebook note The Phonebook allows you to dial a number using just a few key presses. Your phone stores names/numbers in the phonebook memory location, and you can search names in alphabetical order. You have a total of 100 locations that can be used for the phonebook (including the speed dials) and Caller ID messages.
  • Page 39 D i st i nc t iv e R in g appears. Press ring/vol/∧ or ring/ vol/∨ to move the pointer to one of the Distinctive Ring options, and then press select/ If you choose not to store a Distinctive Ring, simply select the "No Selectn"...
  • Page 40: Steps For Entering Names And Special Characters

    Steps for Entering Names and Special Characters Refer to the letters on the number keys to select the desired characters. With each press of a number key (0-9), the displayed character appears in the following order: upper case letters first, lower case letters next and finally the number corresponding to the key.
  • Page 41 If you make a mistake while entering a name /tone/← or #/→ to move the cursor to the incorrect character. Press menu/del to erase the wrong character and then enter the correct character. To delete all characters, press and hold menu/del. For example, to enter Movies: 1) When the phone is in standby mode, press phonebook.
  • Page 42: Viewing The Phonebook

    Viewing the Phonebook Your phone stores names/numbers in the phonebook memory locations, and you can search names in alphabetical order. You can view the phonebook even while the phone is in use. 1) Press phonebook. If you recall the phonebook during a call, S t or e [ SE L EC T ] 2) Press ring/vol/∧, ring/vol/∨, or the number keypad to scroll through the phonebook locations.
  • Page 43: Making Calls Using The Phonebook

    Making Calls Using the Phonebook From Standby Mode 1) When the phone is in standby mode, view the phonebook location to dial (see "Viewing the Phonebook" on page 40). 2) Press talk/flash or speaker. The displayed number is dialed. 3) To hang up press end. From Talk Mode 1) Press talk/flash or speaker.
  • Page 44: Editing Or Erasing A Stored Name, Phone Number, Distinctive Ring, And Speed Dial

    Editing or Erasing a Stored Name, Phone Number, Distinctive Ring, and Speed Dial 1) When the phone is in standby mode, press phonebook. 2) Press ring/vol/∧ or ring/vol/∨, or the number keypad to view the phonebook locations (see "Viewing the Phonebook"...
  • Page 45: Chain Dialing

    Chain Dialing The memory locations in the handset are not limited to phone numbers. You can also store a group of numbers (up to 20 digits), that you need to enter once your call connects. This is referred to as Chain Dialing. An example of this is a bank account number.
  • Page 46: Caller Id

    Caller ID and CIDCW (Caller ID on Call Waiting) note You must subscribe to Caller ID services through your local telephone provider to use these features. When the telephone rings, the Caller ID feature allows you to view the caller’s name, and phone number along with the date and time of call.
  • Page 47: Viewing The Caller Id List

    2) When you pick up the phone, the display changes to (AutoTalk feature is set to on). Data errors appear as " ." Viewing the Caller ID List The Caller ID list stores information for incoming calls - even unanswered calls. You can store 100 of the Caller ID messages and Phonebook locations (including SpeedDials) in total.
  • Page 48: Deleting A Caller Id Message

    Deleting a Caller ID Message note Deleting Information from the Caller ID List 1) When the phone is in standby mode, view the Caller ID information to be deleted (see "Viewing the Caller ID •Once the Caller ID data List" on page 45). has been deleted, the 2) Press menu/del.
  • Page 49: Using The Caller Id Message List

    Using the Caller ID Message List Calling a party from the Caller ID list From Standby mode 1) When the phone is in standby mode, view the Caller ID message (see "Viewing the Caller ID List" on page 45). 2) Press talk/flash or speaker. The displayed phone number dials automatically.
  • Page 50: Call Waiting Deluxe Features

    Call Waiting Deluxe Features note Your phone gives you new options for call waiting. At the touch of a button, you can place the caller on hold, send them to your voice mail service or conference them into your current call. You may be required to subscribe to Call Waiting and Call Waiting Deluxe to use these features.
  • Page 51: Expanding Your Phone

    Expanding Your Phone 4 Multi-Handset Expandability Your phone supports up to 4 handsets (including the handset(s) supplied with your phone). You can now place a fully-featured cordless handset anywhere AC power is available to connect the handset charger. Up to 2 handsets can be used for an outside and/or intercom call.
  • Page 52: Register The Handset To The Base

    Register the Handset to the Base note If you purchase an extra handset, you need to register the handset to the base before use. Only one handset can be registered at a time. The handset ID for the supplied handset(s) was assigned at •An extra handset can the factory, which has #1 or #2 in the display (#2 for be registered when...
  • Page 53: Using The Directlink Mode

    Using the DirectLink Mode To use this feature, you must enter the two handsets into the DirectLink mode first. To enter the DirectLink mode, see page 21. DirectLink Call 1) When the phone is in the DirectLink standby mode, press talk/flash (example of DirectLink from handset #1).
  • Page 54: 3-Way Conferencing

    3-Way Conferencing note The phone permits 3-way conversations between 2 handsets, and an outside line. 1) During a call, press talk/flash on another handset to initiate the 3-way conversation. 2) To remove either caller from your conversation, press end key on either handset. The other handset will still be connected to the call.
  • Page 55: Replacing The Base

    . u n i d e n . c o m note For model number verification, contact Uniden Customer Service or visit our website E X P A N D I N G Y O U R P H O N E [ 5 3 ]...
  • Page 56: Additional Information

    Pull either side of the beltclip to release the tabs from the holes. Headset Installation Your phone may be used with an optional headset, the Uniden HS910. To use this feature, insert the headset plug into the headset jack. Your phone is ready for hands-free conversations (headset may be purchased by calling the Uniden Parts Department or visiting the web site.
  • Page 57: Note On Power Sources

    Warning To avoid the risk of personal injury or property damage from fire or electrical shock, only use the Uniden battery model and Uniden adapter model specifically designated for this product. Power Failure During the period that the power is off, you will not be able to make or receive calls with the telephone.
  • Page 58: General Information

    BT-446 800mAh, 3.6V • To avoid damage to the phone use only Uniden AD-800 and BT-446 with your phone. • If the handset is left off of the base, the actual Talk mode duration will be reduced respective to the amount of time the handset is off the base.
  • Page 59: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting If your phone is not performing to your expectations, please try these simple steps first. Symptom • Make sure the AC adapter is plugged into the base (or the charger (for DCT646-2 only)). and The charge LED won't illuminate wall outlet.
  • Page 60 Symptom • Keep the handset away from microwave ovens, computers, remote control toys, Severe noise interference. • Move to another location or turn off the source of interference. • The handset was picked up before the second ring. The Caller ID does not display. •...
  • Page 61: Liquid Damage

    DO NOT use a microwave oven to speed up the drying process. This will cause permanent damage to the handset, base and the microwave oven. After following these steps, if your cordless telephone does not work, please send to: Uniden America Corporation Parts and Service Division 4700 Amon Carter Blvd.
  • Page 62 (servicing) instructions in the literature accompanying the appliance. Uniden works to reduce lead content in our PVC coated cords in our products and accessories. Warning! The cords on this product and/or accessories contain lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.
  • Page 63: Precautions & Warranty

    Important: Evidence of original purchase is required for warranty service. WARRANTOR: UNIDEN AMERICA CORPORATION ("Uniden") ELEMENTS OF WARRANTY: Uniden warrants, for one year, to the original retail owner, this Uniden Product to be free from defects in materials and craftsmanship with only the limitations or exclusions set out below.
  • Page 64: I.c. Notice

    I.C. Notice TERMINAL EQUIPMENT NOTICE: This equipment meets the applicable Industry Canada Terminal Equipment Technical Specifications. This is confirmed by the registration number. The abbreviation, IC, before the registration number signifies that registration was performed based on a Declaration of Conformity indicating that Industry Canada technical specifications were met.
  • Page 65: Index

    Index 0 - 9 3-way conferencing ..52 20 ring options ... . 23 Anykey answer ... . . 24 Area code .
  • Page 66: Memory List

    Memory List Name Phone No. [ 6 4 ] Name Phone No. Name Phone No. w w w . u n i d e n . c o m...
  • Page 67 1-800-297-1023 PLEASE DO NOT RETURN THIS PRODUCT TO THE PLACE OF PURCHASE. Our Uniden representatives will be happy to help you with any matters regarding the operation of this unit, available accessories, or any other related matters. Thank you for purchasing a Uniden product.

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