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Uniden TRU9460 Owner's Manual

Uniden cordless phone tru9460 owners manual
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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Welcome..4 Accessibility... 4 5 Product.Overview... 6 TRU9460.Features... 6 TRU9460.-.Parts.of.the.Phone... 7 Using.the.Interface... 9 Reading.the.Handset.Display... 9 Using.the.Four-way.Function.Key..0 Using.the.Handset.Menus... 0 Entering.Text.from.your.Phone...  Installing.the.Phone... 12 Choosing.the.Best.Location..2 Installing.the.Rechargeable.Battery..3 Connecting.the.Base.and.Charging.the.. Handset... 4 Installing.the.Belt.Clip... 5
  • Page 3 Customizing.Your.Phone... 30 Changing.the.Handset.Banner... 30 Selecting.a.Ring.Tone... 3 Activating.AutoTalk..32 Activating.Any.Key.Answer... 32 Using.your.Phone..33 34 during.a.Call..34 Using.Caller.ID,.Call.Waiting.and.Redial.Lists..35 Using.the.Caller.ID.List... 35 36 Deleting.Caller.ID.Numbers... 36 Using.Call.Waiting.and.Call.Waiting.Deluxe...
  • Page 4 Changing.the.Digital.Security.Code..52 Traveling.Out.of.Range..52 Common.Issues..53 Liquid.Damage..55 Precautions!..56 Rechargeable.Nickel-Metal-Hydride.Battery.. Warning..56 The.FCC.Wants.You.To.Know... 58 I.C..Notice... 59 Terminal.Equipment... 59 One.Year.Limited.Warranty..60...
  • Page 5: Welcome

    Welcome the.actual.unit.. ;.Partner,.Uniden.has.determined.that.this.product.or.product.models.meets. ® the.Energy.Star ; guidelines for energy efficiency. Energy Star ;.is.a.U.S..registered.mark.. ® ® Uniden;.is.a.registered.trademark.of.Uniden.America.Corporation..AutoStandby,.DirectLink,.In- tegriSound.and.Random.Code.are.trademarks.of.Uniden.America.. Accessibility’s.products.can.accommodate.persons.with.dis- abilities,,,.CST..After.hours,,.,,.under.the.“Accessibility”. link.
  • Page 6:[ /flash].or.[ ].is.not.pressed,.no.line. Standby, CID.Deluxe. or.Call.,.you.can.use.additional. Waiting., Deluxe CID/CW.or. vice, CIDCW DirectLink, Accessory. or.Extra. accessory,.or.extra.handset, Handsets, Global., settings Station Any.handset.or.the.base. Talk A.telephone.line.has.been.activated.on.the.handset.enabling.a.dial.tone..
  • Page 7: Product.overview

    TRU9460.Features: • 5.8GHz.DSS.Expandable.System • • Caller.ID/Call.Waiting.Deluxe • Advanced.Phonebook.Features:. • • Store. Up. to. 2. Numbers. per. Name. (200. #’s. Total) • Alphabetical.Search • • Transfer.Single.Listing.or.Entire.Phonebook. • DirectLink™ • Room/Baby.Monitoring • Handset.Speakerphones • 20. Ringer. Options. on. Handset. (0. Tones/0.
  • Page 8: Handset speaker speaker pqrs pqrs wxyz wxyz tone tone oper oper redial redial pause pause hold hold Handset.Antenna Headset.Jack.Cover Beltclip.Hole Speakerphone.Speaker.and.Ringer Handset.Battery.Compartment New.Message.LED Handset.Earpiece LCD.Display Soft.keys [ /flash] key (talk/flash) [ ].key.(phonebook) ].key tone [ ].key.(speaker) [ ].key.(up). [ ].key.( [ ].key.(caller.ID) [ ].key.(down) [#].key.
  • Page 9 Base.Charging.Contacts charge/in.use.LED. [find hs] key (find handset) DC.IN.9V.Jack TELLINE.Jack [Registration].key...
  • Page 10: Using.the.interface

    Reading.the.Handset.Display mean.. Icon に Status Talk Talk Talk use.. Talk Talk Standby The.battery.icon.indicates.the.handset.battery.status:.empty,.low,. Standby/Talk medium,.and.full. Description...
  • Page 11: Using.the.four-Way.function.key,.the.handset.display.shows.the.following.items: S U N 1 2 : 0 0 A H a n d s e t # 1 Handset.ID.and.Banner N e w C I D :,.the.Handset.ID. R E DI A L M E NU Using.the.Four-way.Function.Key the.cursor.(or.highlighted.area).on.the.display.and.access.the.most.
  • Page 12: When you press the number key in a text entry field, the phone displays the first letter printed on the number key. played first, then lower case letters, then the number on the key. If two letters in a row use the same number key, enter the first letter, then use [right].or.[left].on.the.four-way.,.to.enter.Movies:.
  • Page 13:

    Choosing.the.Best.Location,.here.are. • and.a.continuous.power.outlet.( •,.micro- wave ovens, and fluorescent lighting. • For.better.reception, sible.. • mum.range.and.reception.. •,.be.sure.that.installing. equipment, qualified installer. Note:.For.maximum.range:. • •, • • Metal.and.reinforced.concrete.may.affect.cordless.telephone.performance. Correct Correct Incorrect Incorrect...
  • Page 14: Installing.the.rechargeable.battery

    Use.only.the.Uniden.BT-446.rechargeable.battery.pack.supplied.with.your.cordless.telephone.. Press in on the handset battery case cover (use the finger indention for a better grip) and slide the cover,.
  • Page 15: Handset, Make.sure.that.the.charge/in.use.LED.illuminates..If.the.LED.does.not.illuminate,
  • Page 16: Installing.the.belt.clip

    Line.up.the.holes.on.each.side.of.the.handset..To.attach.the.belt.clip,.insert.into.the.holes.on. To.remove.the.belt.clip,,.connect.the. outlet.. Testing.the.connection To test your connection, try making a call. If your call connects, the settings are fine. If your call does not connect, check.the.following: power.outlet.’t.see.the.“battery.full”.icon, Change.dial.mode.(
  • Page 17: Changing.the.dial.mode ing.or.pulse.dialing..These.days,,. dialing,’,’s.settings:,.and.then.the.DIAL.MODE.submenu. Scroll.[ ] Press.the.OK soft key. You will hear a confirmation tone.,.follow.the.same.procedure, D i a l M o d e D i a l M o d e T o n e T o n e P u l s e P u l s e BACK...
  • Page 18: Basic.setup

    Selecting.a.Language, language, English.,.and.then.the. HANDSET.LANGUAGE.submenu.,.FRANÇAIS.(French),.or.ESPAÑOL.(Span- ish). Press.the.OK soft key. You will hear a confirmation tone. Setting.the.Date.and.Time,.follow.the.steps.listed.below..’,.the.,.and.then.the.DATE.&.TIME.submenu.,.day,.year,.hours,.and.minutes... To.change,.press.the.number.keypad..,.press.[ ]., soft key. You will hear a confirmation tone. tone H a n d s e t L a n g u a g e H a n d s e t L a n g u a g e E n g l i s h E n g l i s h...
  • Page 19: Call.waiting.deluxe,’ Call.Waiting.Deluxe.(CWDX),’,.follow.the.steps.below:,.and.then.the.CALL.WAITING.submenu., Press.the.OK soft key. You will hear a confirmation tone. Activating.Personal.Ring,.it.looks.up.the.Caller.’,,.follow.these.steps:,.and.then.the.PERSONAL.RING.submenu. Press.the.OK soft key. You will hear a confirmation tone. C a l l W a i t i n g C a l l W a i t i n g O f f O f f...
  • Page 20: Activating.the.key.touch.tone,.and.then.the.KEY. TOUCH.TONE.submenu. Press.the.OK soft key. You will hear a confirmation tone. Adjusting.the.LCD.Contrast mum.viewing.,.and.then.the.LCD. CONTRAST.submenu. Press.[ / ].to.adjust.the.contrast.of.the.LCD.(0.levels.) Press.the.OK soft key. You will hear a confirmation tone. K e y T o u c h T o n e K e y T o u c h T o n e O f f O f f...
  • Page 21: Setting.up.voice.mail, LED flashes whenever you have messages waiting in your voice mailbox. If you have programmed your access,[ ] service, Setting.the.Voice.Mail.Signaling.Tone Your telephone service provider should provide you with the specifics of your voice mail service upon your enroll-
  • Page 22:[ ] To.edit.the.voice.mail.number,.follow.the.steps.below:,.then.EDIT.VOICE. MAIL.submenu. Enter.your.personal.access.number.(,.press.. [redial/pause],. Press.the.OK soft key when you are finished. Resetting.the.Voice.Message.Waiting.Indicator When you receive a new voice mail message, the LED on the top of the handset flashes. In the event your message’s.voice.messaging.system,“no.
  • Page 23: Adding.accessory.handsets, Compatible.Handsets,.TCX905,. TCX400,.TCX440,.TCX450,.TWX977.and.ELX500..(, original.or.main.base.before.use..Accessory.handsets.will.not.operate.until.they.are.registered. Charge.the.Accessory.Handset 20V.AC.wall.outlet. Set.the.charger.on.a.desk.or.tabletop, the.charger.with.the.keypad.facing.forward. Make.sure.that.the.charge/in.use.LED.illuminates..If.the.LED. does.not.illuminate, contacts. using your new cordless telephone for the first time.
  • Page 24: Extra.handsets,,.pre- registered.handsets.display.a.handset.ID.number..Handsets.that.have.not.been.registered.display.MODELS.VARY!. PLACE.HANDSET.ON.THE.BASE.FOR.REGISTRATION.OR.REFER.TO.OWNER’S.MANUAL..(,, M o d e l s v a r y ! r e g i s t r a t i o n P l a c e H a n d s e t o r r e f e r t o ↔...
  • Page 25: Resetting.the.handsets

    If you want to register a handset to a different base or replace a handset with another one, you must first clear the,.please.follow.these.steps:. Press.the.MENU.soft.key..Select.the.DEREGISTERATION.submenu. ARE.YOU.SURE? key. To.clear.other.handset.information,.please.follow.these.steps: From.the.handset,.press.and.hold.[ ].and.[#].for.more.than.5.seconds..Select.the. DEREGISTER.HS.submenu.,.and. ARE.YOU.SURE?, confirmation tone. Base.Unavailable.(Handset.Only),.please.follow.these.steps: Press.and.hold.[ ].and.[#].for.more.than.5.seconds..Select.the.BASE.UNAVAIL- ABLE.submenu.
  • Page 26: Setting.up.the.phonebook,.CID.,. delete.some.of.the.existing.ones. Creating.Phonebook.Entries,.please.follow.these.steps:,.press.[ ].(on.the.left.side.of.the.four-way.key).,.press.the.NEW.soft.key..Edit.Name.appears.; characters..(, OK soft key when you are finished. Enter.the.number.for.this.entry.(Edit.Number.1).., keypad,.[right].or.[left].on.the.four-way.function.key,;’s.dialing.(for.example,,.press.[redial/pause] soft key when you are finished. . phone.number.2..Press.the.OK soft key when you are finished. <...
  • Page 27: Finding.a.phonebook.entry

    Assign.a.personal.ring.tone.for.this.entry.(Personal.Ring)..;,.you.will.hear.a.,.press.the.OK.,.select.the.NO.SELECTION. option,,, dial.number..Press.the.OK.soft.key. You will hear a tone confirming that the new phonebook entry has been stored, and DONE! appears in the display.., Finding.a.Phonebook.Entry,.press.[ ] [ ].or.[ ].on.the.four-way.function.key..Press.and.hold.[ ].or.[ ] display.quickly..When.viewing.the.phonebook.entry,.use.the.[→].soft.key.or.[right]
  • Page 28: Editing.phonebook.entries

    Press.[ ] Use.[ ].or.[ ],.press.the.OPTIONS.soft.key. any.step,,,.press.[ ].(on.the.right.side.of.the.four-way.key) [redial/pause] Use.[ ].or.[ ],.press.the.STORE.soft.key..<.ADD.TO.PHONEBK.>.appears.,.or.STORE.& phonebook.location..Press.the.OK.soft.key..,,.THIS.PERSON’S.PHONE.NUMBER. Note:. •,.or.the.message.does.not.have.the. number,,.the.<NO.NAME>. •,
  • Page 29: Erasing.phonebook.entries,.press.[ ].. Use.[ ].or.[ ] phonebook.entry, ARE.YOU.SURE?, You will hear a confirmation tone, and DELETED! appears in the display. Deleting.All.Phonebook.Entries.,.press.[ ]..Press.the.OPTIONS.soft.key., ARE.YOU.SURE? soft key. You will hear a confir- mation.tone,.and.DELETED!,.press.[ ].. Use.[ ].or.[ ] phonebook.entry,
  • Page 30,.press.[ ]..Press.the.OPTIONS.soft.key. ARE.YOU.SURE?.appears..Select.YES.or.NO..Press.the.OK.soft.key..,.the.receiving.,. DONE!.appears. Note:. • If.your.Phonebook.contains.00.entries, beep,.and.NOT.ENOUGH.MEMORY.IN.RECEIVING.UNIT.appears.on.the.display. •,
  • Page 31:

    Changing.the.Handset.Banner,.Handset.#2,,.you.,.Intercom,.Intercom.Hold,.Room/Baby.Monitor,. Press.the.MENU.soft.key..,.and.then.the.BANNER.DISPLAY.submenu. tions.on.entering.text.) Press.the.OK soft key. You will hear a confirmation tone. B a n n e r D i s p l a y B a n n e r D i s p l a y M o m s ' p h o n e # 1 M o m s ' p h o n e # 1 BACK...
  • Page 32: Selecting.a.ring.tone’s.primary.ring.tone..Each.station.can.use.a.different. ring.tone.or.melody..The.available.ring.tones.are.listed.below: Melodies Beethoven’s.Symphony.#9.[Beethoven9] For.Elise.[Elise] We.Wish.You.A.Merry.Christmas.[Merry-.Xmas] Home.Sweet.Home.[Hm.Swt.Hm] Lorri.Song.#6.[Lorri.Song] When.the.Irish.Eyes.Are.Smiling.[Irish.Eyes] Aura.Lee Let.Me.Call.You.Sweet.Heart.[Sweetheart] Star.Spangled.Banner.[Star.Spngl] Old.MacDonald.[Old.MacDld],.and.then.the.RINGER.TONES.submenu.,.you.will. hear.a.sample.of.the.ring.tone.,.press.the.OK.soft.key..You.will.hear.a. confirmation tone. Ringers Flicker Clatter Soft.Alert Wake.Up Lighting.Bug Bebop.(Beep.Boop) Tone.Board Chirp Party.Clap Reminder R i n g e r T o n e s R i n g e r T o n e s F l i c k e r F l i c k e r...
  • Page 33: Activating.autotalk Press.the.MENU.soft.key.,.and.then.the.AUTOTALK.submenu. Select.ON.or.OFF, soft key. You will hear a confirmation tone. Activating.Any.Key.Answer pad. Press.the.MENU.soft.key..,.and.then.the.ANY.KEY.ANSWER.submenu. Select.ON.or.OFF, soft key. You will hear a confirmation tone. A u t o T a l k A u t o T a l k O f f O f f BACK...
  • Page 34:

    From.a.cordless.handset Remove.the.handset.from.the.charging.cradle. Press.[ /flash]. Listen.for.the.dial.tone. Dial.the.number. Making.a. call Remove.the.handset.from.the.charging.cradle. Dial.the.number.. Press.[ /flash]. Pick.up.the.handset..(,.the. set.from.the.charging.cradle.) Answering.a. call Press.[ /flash]... (, Hanging.up Press.[ ]. Remove.the.handset.from.the.charging.cradle. Press.[ Listen.for.the.dial.tone. Dial.the.number. Remove.the.handset.from.the.charging.cradle. Dial.the.number.. Press.[ Pick.up.the.handset. Press.[ Press.[ ].
  • Page 35:,.press.[ ] Scroll.through.the.list.with.the.[ ].or.[ ] on the four-way function keys until you find the phonebook entry you Press.[ /flash].on.the.handset. Press.[ /flash].on.the.handset. Press.[ ] Scroll.through.the.list.with.the.[ ].or.[ ] on the four-way function keys until you find the phonebook entry you
  • Page 36:,.Call.waiting.and.redial.lists,’ name.(if.available), Note: •,.before.the.second.ring),.the.Caller. ID.message.will.not.appear. •,.the.caller’ •,.the.caller’ Using.the.Caller.ID.List.,.the.oldest.Caller.,.Caller.ID.information.will.not. be.stored.(,.press.[ ].(on.the.right.side.of.the.four-way.key) stored.Caller.ID.records..Use.[ ].or.[ ] to scroll through the list, or enter a letter on the keypad to jump to the first,.press.and.hold.[ ].or.[ ].on.the.four-way. function.key.
  • Page 37:,.press.[ ].(on.the.right.side.of.the.four-way.key) Use.[ ].or.[ ] to find the Caller ID record you want to dial. To.add.(or.delete).a.“”,.press.[,.press.[#].. Press.[ /flash].or.[ ] Press.[ /flash].or.[ ].on.the.handset. Press.[ ] Use.[ ].or.[ ] to find the Caller ID record you want to dial. To.add.(or.delete).a.“”,.press.[,.press.[#].
  • Page 38:, sound..Press.[ /flash],,.press.[ /flash].on.the.handset.,,., provider.for.details. Note:. •, page.8. •’t.choose.a.CWDX.option.within.30.seconds, •,.press.the.BACK.soft.key.,.press.the.CWDX.soft.key. Move.the.cursor.or.use.the.number.keypad.[1-7]—,. Tell.Busy.—,.and.the.waiting. Forward.—,.if.available. Answer/Drop.— Disconnects the first call, and connects to the new caller. Conference.— Starts a conference call with your first and second callers. Drop.First/Drop.Last.—...
  • Page 39: Redialing.a.number

    You.can.quickly.redial.the.last.3.numbers.dialed.on.each.handset..,.press.the.REDIAL.soft.key.or.[redial/pause] Use.[ / ].to.scroll.through.the.redial.list.. When you find the number you want to dial, press [ /flash].or.[ ] Press.[ /flash].or.[ ] Press.[redial/pause] Use.[ / ].to.scroll.through.the.redial.list.. Note:. • If the number exceeds 32 digits, only the first 32 digits are retained in redial memory. •...
  • Page 40: Speaker.volume

    Adjusting.the.Ringer.Volume. You.can.choose.from.three.ringer.volume.settings.on.the.handset.(off,.low,.and.high)..,.use.[ / ] volume. Adjusting.the.Speaker.Volume.,.press.[ ].([ ].(to.make. it.softer).. Speaker:.You.can.choose.from.six.volume.levels.for.the.handset.speakerphone..To.,.press.[ ].([ ].(to. T-coil.(Handset.only) The.T-coil.feature,, on.T-coil..By.toggling.back.and.forth.between.T-coil.on/off.and.the.hearing.aid.microphone.on/off,.you.avoid.exces- Press.the.MENU.soft.key..,.and.then.the.T-COIL.submenu. Press.the.OK soft key. You will hear a confirmation tone. Note:.Using.the.T-coil.feature.may.shorten.your.battery’,
  • Page 41: Finding.a.lost.handset

    To.locate.a.misplaced.handset,.press.[find hs] will.beep.for.60.seconds,.and.PAGING.appears.on.the.handset.display..To.cancel.paging,.press.any.key.on.the.[find hs].on.the.base..,.the.handset.will.not.beep.when.paging. Using.Hold,.Conference.and.Transfer Placing.a.Call.on.Hold,.press.[int’com/hold] more.than.ten.seconds,,.HOLD.,.press.[ /flash].or.[ ] Note: •,’ •, Conferencing, Press.[ /flash].or.[ ] To.hang.up,[ ]
  • Page 42:,.press.[int’com/hold]. Use.[ ].or.[ ], OK.soft.key...,.and.a.paging.tone.sounds..To.cancel.the.transfer,.press.[ /flash]. or.[ ].on.the.initiating.station.,,. press.[ /flash].or.[ ].on.the.handset.again. Answering.a.Transferred.Call., Press.[ /flash],.[int’com/hold],.or.the.ANSWER.soft.key.from.the.handset.,.press.[ /flash].or.[ ].on.the.receiving.handset. If you have multiple handsets, only the first handset to answer the transfer page will be connected to the call. If the,
  • Page 43: Using.special.features

    Muting.the.Ringer.(One.Call.Only),.press.[ ] Muting.the.Microphone,.press.the.MUTE.soft.key.,.but.the. To.cancel.muting,.press.the.MUTE.soft.key.again..MUTE.OFF.appears.and. Privacy.Mode’,,.other.stations.won’,.press.the.PRIVACY.soft.key.,.but.the. AVAILABLE..,.press.the.PRIVACY.soft.key.again..PRIVACY.MODE.OFF.appears. に に...
  • Page 44: Using.the.directlink.feature

    A.pair.of.handsets.(’, this.feature,;.however,.other.handsets.will.function.normally.., canceled. Press.the.OK.soft.key..The.display.shows.TO.ENTER.DIRECTLINK.MODE.PRESS.. [ENTER]. Press.the.ENTER soft key. You will hear a confirmation tone, and DIRECTLINK MODE T o e n t e r T o e n t e r D i r e c t L i n k m o d e D i r e c t L i n k m o d e p r e s s [ E N T E R ] p r e s s [ E N T E R ]...
  • Page 45: Intercom,.press.the.DirectLink.soft.key..,,.the.display.shows.OUT.OF.RANGE. To.exit.DirectLink,.press.the.CANCEL.soft.key. On.the.receiving.handset,.press.the.ANSWER.soft.key.or.[ /flash]. Exiting.a.DirectLink.Call., Intercom,.press.[int’com/hold].on.the.handset. Use.[ ].or.[ ],,.,.press.[ ].on.either. handset.
  • Page 46: Room/Baby.monitor, paging.. Press.[ /flash],.[int’com/hold],,. ],.or.[#].(,.or.pick.up.the.handset.from.the. tone cradle.(,.press.the.END.soft.key.or.[ ].on.either.handset. Note:. •, •, •, •, •, Room/Baby.Monitor;,.al- WHICH.UNIT?.appears.[ ].or.[ ]. I n t e r c o m I n t e r c o m 「「...
  • Page 47: Tone.dialing.switch.over

    Press.the.OK.soft.key..MONITOR.appears,,.press.the.END.soft.key.or.[ ].on.either.handset.or.,.press.the.MENU.soft.,.and.then.the.ROOM.MONITOR. Note:. • •, •,;.however,. other.handsets.can.still.make.and.receive.calls.normally. Tone.Dialing.Switch.Over,,,.telephone. prescription refills, customer support menus, etc. If your phone is set to pulse dialing, make your call normally. Once,.press.[ ] tone,
  • Page 48: Installing.the.optional.headset,.insert.the.head- Seven-Digit.Dialing,.you.can.program.,.you’ll.,.you’ll.,.follow.the.steps.below:,.and.then.the.AREA.CODE.submenu. Use.the.number.keypad.(0-9),.it.will.ap-, Press.the.OK soft key. You will hear a confirmation tone.
  • Page 49: Maintenance

    Specifications Operating.Temperature AC.Adapter.Part.Number Input.Voltage Output.Voltage Battery.Part.Number Capacity Notes: • Use.only.the.supplied.AD-800.and.AD-0005.AC.adapters. • Do.not.use.any.other.AC.adapter. • fire or electrical hazard. • 0°°.C.(32°°.F) Base:.AD-800 Charging.Cradle:.AD-0005 Base:.20V.AC,.60.Hz Charging.Cradle:.20V.AC,.60.Hz Base:.9V.DC.@.350mA Charging.Cradle:.9V.DC.@.20mA BT-446 3.6V.DC.@.800mAh...
  • Page 50: Battery.replacement.and.handling

    With.average.use,’,.please. contact.Uniden’ Cleaning.the.Battery.Contacts To.maintain.a.good.charge,.clean.the.charging.contacts.on.the.handset. once.a.month..Dampen.a.cloth.with.plain.water..Gently.rub.the.damp.cloth. Caution:.Do.not.use.paint.thinner,.benzene,.alcohol,.or.other.chemical. the finish. Warning To avoid the risk of personal injury or property damage from fire or electrical shock, use only Uniden AD-800 (9V 350mA) Caution:. • Use only the specified Uniden battery pack BT-446. •...
  • Page 51: Low.battery.alert,,., as.possible, Talk.and.Standby.Times With.average.use,,.the.battery.will.grad-, Low Ba tte ry Low Ba tte ry...
  • Page 52: Troubleshooting

    Resetting.the.Handset • tration.failure.. • •,.the.handsets.say.#3.and.#4, •’ To.reset,.do.the.following:. Press.and.hold.[ ].and.[#].for.more.than.5.seconds..Select.DEREGISTER.HS.. WHICH.HANDSET?, ARE.YOU.SURE?.appears..Select.YES, soft key. You will hear a confirmation tone. The handset.will.clear.its.registration.information.from.the.base,.and.then.delete.its.own.base.information. MODELS.VARY!.PLACE.HANDSET.ON.THE.BASE.FOR.REGISTRATION.OR.REFER.TO.OWNER’S.MANUAL..To., do.this,
  • Page 53: Resetting.the.handset.without.the.base,,.you.can.still. Press.and.hold.[ ].and.[#].for.more.than.5.seconds.. key..BASE.UNAVAILABLE.appears., appears.., You will hear a confirmation tone. The handset will delete its own base information without trying to contact,.the.handset.displays.MODELS.VARY!.PLACE.HANDSET. ON.THE.BASE.FOR.REGISTRATION.OR.REFER.TO.OWNER’ base.( Changing.the.Digital.Security.Code The digital security code is an identification code used to connect the handset and the base. Your unit ships from the
  • Page 54: Common.issues

    If your phone is not performing to your expectations, please try these simple steps first. If these steps do not solve your.problem, Symptom The.charge/in.use.LED.won’t. Can’t.make.or.receive.calls. The.handset.doesn’t.ring.or. Severe.noise.interference. Suggestion • • • Make.sure.the.charging.contacts.on.the.handset.are.clean.. • Move.the.handset.and/or.base.away.from.metal.objects.or.appliances.and.
  • Page 55 Symptom The.Caller.ID.does.not. display.. You.cannot.register.the. The.handset.doesn’t.commu- nicate.with.other.handsets.. An.extra.handset.can’t.join.the. conversation. The.Room.Monitor.feature. Suggestion • • Call. your. telephone. provider. to. verify. your. Caller. ID. service. is. current.. • • Change.the.Digital.Security.Code.( • • Change.the.Digital.Security.Code.( • • Make.sure.there.are.not.2.handsets.already.using.the.conference.feature.. •...
  • Page 56: Liquid.damage Exterior,, liquid, Interior If.moisture.or.liquid.has.entered.the.plastic.housing.( handset.battery.compartment.or.vent.openings.on.the.base): Handset: Disconnect.the. battery.pack..Leave.the.battery. disconnected. for. at.least.3. days..,.reconnect.the.battery.pack.and.the.battery.cover.. Recharge.the.handset' Base:. Disconnect.the.AC.adapter.from.the.base, Disconnect.the.telephone.cord.from.the.base.. the.handset,.base.and.the.microwave.oven..After.following.these.steps,,.
  • Page 57: Precautions,.please.observe.the.following: Warning!. Uniden America Corporation DOES NOT represent this unit to be waterproof. To reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock,, Rechargeable.Nickel-Metal-Hydride.Battery.Warning. • • The rechargeable batteries contained in this equipment may explode if disposed of in a fire. •...
  • Page 58 Warning!. The.cords.on.this.product.and/or.accessories.contain.lead, defects.or.other.reproductive.harm..Wash.hands.after.handling. Important.Safety.Instructions. When using your telephone equipment, basic safety precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of fire,,.including.the.following:. Do.not.use.this.product.near.water,.for.example,.near.a.bath.tub,.wash.bowl,.kitchen.sink.or.laundry.tub,.in.a. wet.basement.or.near.a.swimming.pool.. Avoid.using.a.telephone.(other.than.a.cordless.type) electric.shock.from.lightning.. Use only the power cord and batteries indicated in this manual. Do not dispose of batteries in a fire. They may explode..Check.with.local.authorities.for.possible.battery.disposal.instructions..
  • Page 59:

    The.FCC.Wants.You.To.Know. This. equipment. complies. with. Part. 68. of. the. FCC. rules. and. the. a label that contains, among other information, a product identifier in the format.US:AAAEQ##TXXXX..If.requested, An applicable Universal Service Order Codes (USOC) certification for the,.RJC).in.the.packaging.
  • Page 60: I.c

    Radio.Interference. Radio. interference. may. occasionally. cause. buzzing. and. humming. in. your.cordless.handset,,.refrigerator,.vacuum.cleaner,. fluorescent lighting, or electrical storm. Your unit is NOT DEFECTIVE. If these.noises.continue.and.are.too.distracting,.please.check.around.your.,. we. recommend. that. the. base. not. be. plugged. into. a. circuit. that. also. powers.a.major.appliance.because.of.the.potential.for.interference..Be.
  • Page 61:

    Important:. Evidence. of. original. purchase. is. required. for. w a r r a n t y . s e r v i c e . . WA R R A N TO R : . U N I D E N . A M E R I C A. CORPORATION.
  • Page 62 Answering.a.Call... 33 Any.Key.Answer... 32 Area.Code... 47 AutoTalk..32 Base.Unavailable... 52 Battery.Contacts.Maintence... 49 Battery.Replacement.and.Handling. Caller.ID.on.Call.Waiting... 8 Call.Waiting.Deluxe... 8,.37 Conferencing... 40 Controls.Parts.of.the.Phone... 7 Date.and.Time... 7 Deleting.a.Redial.Record... 38 Deleting.Caller.ID.Numbers..36 Deregistration... 24 Dial.Mode... 6 Digital.Security.Code... 52 DirectLink... 43 Earpiece.Volume... 39 Entering.Text.from.the.Handset...
  • Page 63 Seven-Digit.Dialing... 47 Speaker.Volume... 39 Speed.Dial... 26,.34 T-coil... 39 Talk.and.Standby.Times... 50 The.FCC.Wants.You.To.Know... 58 Voice.Mail... 20 Voice.Mail.Programming... 2 Voice.Mail.Tone... 20 Voice.Message.Waiting.Indicator. Reset... 2...
  • Page 64 At.Uniden,.we’! Thank. you. for. purchasing. a. Uniden. product.. if. you. have. any. questions. or. problems,. Having.Trouble?! Monday. through. Friday,. 7. PM. or. Saturday/Sunday,.9.AM. to.5. PM,. Need.A.Part? To. order. headsets,. additional. handsets,. replacement. batteries,. or. other. accessories,
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