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Installing Your Phone; Selecting The Installation Location; Connecting The Telephone Line - Uniden MER 9600C Manual

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Selecting the Installation Location

Select a location that avoids excessive heat or humidity. The Base
can be placed on a desk or tabletop near a standard 120V AC outlet
and telephone line jack, or it can also be mounted on a standard
AT&T or GTE wall plate using the Wall Mount Adapter included with
your telephone. Place this Base Unit near the desk unit. Keep the
Base and Handset away from sources of electrical noise such as
motors, fluorescent lighting, or computers.

Connecting the Telephone Line

There are two types of phone outlets:
Modular Jack
Plug the telephone line cord from the Base Unit into a standard
modular telephone jack. (Note: If you do not have a modular jack,
contact your PBX Administrator for information on the installation of
these jacks.)
Hard-wired Jack
A modular jack converter (not included) is required. You may need to
rewire when connecting the converter (making color-coded
Note :
Your Uniden Telephone Dealer or a telephone supply store
can advise you on the proper adapter or converter.

Installing Your Phone




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