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Uniden DMX 778 Series Owner's Manual

Uniden multi-handset phone owner's manual
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  Summary of Contents for Uniden DMX 778 Series

  • Page 1 D M X 7 7 8 S E R I E S O W N E R ' S M A N U A L...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Welcome/Features/Terminology Controls & Functions Setting up the Phone Choose the best location Connect the base unit and charge the handset Expanding Your Phone Four Handset Expandability Backwards/Forwards Compatibility Connect the expansion handset's charger Register the Handset Register the DCX770 expansion handset to main base Changing the Digital Security Code Installing the Holster...
  • Page 3 Using the Caller ID List Deleting Caller ID numbers Answering Machine Features Setting Up the Answering Machine Setting Your Outgoing Greeting Using the Answering Machine Recording a phone conversation Screening Calls Remote Operation Multi-Handset Features Text Message Using DirectLink Mode Room/Baby Monitor Intercom Transferring a Call...
  • Page 4: Welcome/Features/Terminology

    Welcome Thank you for purchasing a Uniden Multi-Handset phone. This phone offers four-handset expandability, recordable ringer tones, and customizable handset displays. Features • 2.4GHz Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum • Integrated Answering Device • Caller ID/Call Waiting Deluxe Options • Backward/Forward Compatibility •...
  • Page 5  Uniden is a registered trademark of Uniden America Corporation. AutoTalk, AutoStandby, DirectLink, IntegriSound and Random Code are trademarks of Uniden America. Terminology •Standby Mode - The handset maybe sitting on or off the cradle, but is NOT in use. /flash or present.
  • Page 6: Controls & Functions

    Controls & Functions Remote Answering Machine Operation Repeat Delete [ 5 ] C o n t r o l s & F u n c t i o n s 1.Handset Antenna 2.Speakerphone Speaker and Ringer 3.Handset Battery Compartment 4.Headset Jack Cover 5.New Message LED 6.LCD Display 7.Soft Menu Keys (P.16)
  • Page 7 22 23 24 25 26 18. Base Speaker 19. Base antenna 20. Base Charge Contacts 21. Message Counter 22. vol (volume)/ (ring)/ (speaker) (p.38) (play/stop) (p.63) (repeat)(p.63) w w w . u n i d e n . c o m 25.
  • Page 8: Setting Up The Phone

    Setting up the Phone note Choose the best location When choosing a location for your new phone, here are some important guidelines you should consider: If your home has specially wired alarm equipment connected to phone line, be sure that installing the system does not disable your alarm equipment.
  • Page 9: Connect The Base Unit And Charge The Handset

    Connect the base unit and charge the handset 1) Connect the AC adapter to the DC IN 9V jack and to a standard 120V AC wall outlet. 2) Place the handset in the base unit with the keypad facing forward. NOTE: The rechargeable battery is already installed in your phone.
  • Page 10: Expanding Your Phone

    Expansion handsets need to be registered to the base before they will operate. Backwards/Forwards Compatibility Your phone is compatible with other Uniden 2.4GHz Digital Expandable Handsets. Compatible models include the DCX640 and DCX700. Visit our website for updated model listings.
  • Page 11: Connect The Expansion Handset's Charger

    Connect the expansion handset's charger The handset is powered by a rechargeable battery pack. The battery recharges automatically when the handset is placed in the charger. 1) Connect the AC adapter to the DC IN 9V jack and to a standard 120V AC wall outlet.
  • Page 12: Register The Handset

    Register the Handset Handsets supplied with the phone are registered to the base by the factory. When charged, pre-registered handsets display a handset ID number. Handsets that have not been registered display M o de l s v ar y! Ch a rg e h a nd se t o n t h e ba s e f or When you register an registra tion or refer to Owner 's Manual.
  • Page 13: Register The Dcx770 Expansion Handset To Main Base

    E x p a n d i n g Y o u r P h o n e [ 1 2 ] note Your phone maybe compatible with other Uniden 2.4Ghz Digital Expandable Systems. Look for the technology icon on...
  • Page 14: Changing The Digital Security Code

    Changing the Digital Security Code The digital security code is an identification code used to connect the handset and the base unit. Normally, setting the code is not necessary. In the rare situation that you suspect another cordless telephone is using the same security code, you can change the code.
  • Page 15: Installing The Holster

    Your phone is ready for hands-free conversations. (Headset may be purchased by calling the Uniden Parts Department or visiting the web site. See page 75.) w w w . u n i d e n . c o m...
  • Page 16: Using The Interface

    Using the Interface Display Icons ICON Battery icons indicate the handset battery status. This icon cycles depending on the battery status (full, medium, low, and empty). Ringer off icon indicates that ringer is turned off. Keypad lock icon appears when the keypad is locked. Text message icon appear when you have new text messages.
  • Page 17: Soft Key Function

    Soft Key Function "Soft" keys are keys that change function during the operation of the phone. There are two soft keys on the handset. The function of each soft key is determined by the text that appears directly above it. For example, when the handset is in standby mode, pressing soft key 2 access the answering machine remotely.
  • Page 18: Using The Joystick

    Using the joystick The joystick makes it easy to use your phone. The four most commonly used functions are accessible just by moving the joystick: [ 1 7 ] U s i n g t h e I n t e r f a c e Adjust the ringer View phonebook...
  • Page 19 You will also use the joystick to make menu selections. Highlight the option you want by moving the joystick up, down, right, or left. This will move the cursor; the option currently highlighted appears in reversed out text: 1)Press the center of the joystick. 2)Select the MENU soft Keys.
  • Page 20: Entering Text

    Entering text You can use the number keypad on your phone to enter text by referring to the letters printed on each number key. When you press the number key in a text entry field, the phone displays the first letter printed on the number key.
  • Page 21: Main Menu Options

    If you make a mistake while entering a name, use the joystick to move the cursor to the incorrect character. Press the DELETE soft key to erase the incorrect character, and then enter the correct character. To delete all characters in the text entry field, press and hold the DELETE soft key.
  • Page 22: Setup Menu

    Setup Menu Handset Setup Handset Setup The following submenu options must be set separately for each handset. Distinctive ID Distinctive You can assign special ringer tones to anyone in your phonebook. When your phone gets a call, it looks up the Caller ID information in your phonebook;...
  • Page 23 Anykey Answer AnyKey Answer lets you answer the phone by pressing any key on the number pad. To turn on AnyKey Answer, go to and select . A confirmation tone tells you that AnyKey An sw er Answer is active. Language You can change the language the menu display will use.
  • Page 24: Global Setup

    To turn on privacy mode, go to can turn on privacy mode when the phone is in standby or when you're already on a call. Handset Setup LCD Contrast LCD Contrast You can change the contrast of your handset display to make it easier to read.
  • Page 25 Day and Time To change the date and time shown in the display, go to D a te & Ti m e Move the joystick right and left to highlight the part you want to change (date, time, AM/PM). Use the number keypad or * to change each part.
  • Page 26 Area Code If you can make a call by dialing only 7 digits (instead of 10), you can program your local area code in your phone. If you get a Global Setup call from within your area code, you'll only see the 7-digit Area Code phone number.
  • Page 27: Customize Handset

    Customize Handset This menu lets you customize your handset. You can set these options separately for each handset. Ringer Tone You can set a different ringer for each handset. This phone comes with 10 prerecorded songs and 10 different ringer tones; you can also record your own ringer tones (see page 27).
  • Page 28 Customize Your Own Distinctive Ringer Tones Your phone can store up to 20 different recordings Record Ringer to use as ringer tones (a total of 3 minutes, 15 seconds). Each recording must be between 5 and 60 seconds long. 1) Connect the audio recording cable to 2) Go to Record Ringer.
  • Page 29 Delete Ringer To delete a ringer tone, go to the ringer you want to delete. Select from the list, and the phone stays on the ringer list. Animations Your phone has 5 different system animations (Dog, Face, Car, Frog and Abstract) with 9 different animation schemes (example is for Face): Ringer Volume Ringer Volume...
  • Page 30 [ 2 9 ] S e t u p M e n u Cruisin Cycling Gone Shopping Jogger New York Roxie Sail Boat tunes Uniden Logo and highlight the Th e me s Guitar Ollie Pagoda Smiley Face Soccer Vacation Work Related w w w .
  • Page 31 Banner You can change the name your phone displays on the screen. If you have more than one handset, you can use the banner name to identify your handset during handset-to-handset functions like text messaging, intercom and DirectLink. Go to and enter the name you want to use.
  • Page 32 To release the keypad lock, press any key on the upper part of the handset. While the display appears, press the # key. Ke y pa d appears. Lo ck Of f Backlight Color Backlight Color You can change the color of your phone's backlighting. There are 7 different colors choose from: Ocean, Kiwi, Sunset, Violet, Sunflower, Sky, and Polar Ice.
  • Page 33: Using Your Phone

    Using Your Phone Making Calls 1) Remove the handset from the charging cradle. 2) Slide the keypad open. 3) Press /flash. 4) Listen for the dial tone. 5) Dial the number. 1) Remove the handset from the charging cradle. 2) Slide the keypad open. 3) Dial the number.
  • Page 34: From The Handset Speakerphone

    From the Handset Speakerphone 1) Remove the handset from the charging cradle. note 2) Slide the keypad open. 3) Press 4) Listen for the dial tone. •For best performance, 5) Dial the number. use the speaker phone in a quiet room and let 6) When the other party answers, talk into the microphone in the caller finish speaking before you...
  • Page 35: Hanging Up

    Hanging Up Press or return the handset to the charging cradle. Switching to the Handset Speakerphone During a Call To switch a normal call to the speakerphone, press (speaker phone) on the handset. To switch from a speakerphone call to a normal call, press (speaker phone).
  • Page 36: Call Waiting

    Call Waiting If you hear a call waiting tone while you're on a call, press note hear the new caller. Press /flash again to go back to the original caller. •You must subscribe through your local Call Waiting Deluxe telephone company to receive Call Waiting or If you subscribe to Call Waiting Deluxe (CWDX) from your phone Caller ID on call waiting...
  • Page 37: Placing A Call On Hold

    5.Conference - Starts a conference call with your first and second callers. 6.Drop First/7.Drop Last - During a conference call, allows you to choose to drop the first or last caller. Placing a Call on Hold During a call, press hold/X’fr/ int’com to put the call on hold.
  • Page 38: Redialing Calls

    Redialing Calls You can quickly redial the last ten note phone numbers that were dialed from this handset. •Each redial record can With the phone in standby mode, store up to 32 digits, slide the joystick down. This brings but your phone only up the redial list.
  • Page 39: Adjusting The Ringer, Earpiece And Speaker

    Deleting Redial Records If you want to delete a phone number from the redial list, go to the redial list and select the number you want to delete. Press the OPTION soft Key, and select you want to delete all the redial records, select then Ye s Adjusting the Ringer, Earpiece and Speaker...
  • Page 40: Using The Handset Volume Setting Menu

    Using the Handset Volume Setting Menu You can adjust the handset audio from Volume Setting menu. Ringer: Adjust the handset ringer volume You can choose from three different ringer volume settings on your handset: off, low, and high. To adjust the ringer volume, go to and select the R in g er...
  • Page 41 Speaker: Adjust the handset speaker volume You can choose from six volume levels for the handset speakerphone. To adjust the speaker volume, go to S p ea ke r the volume level you want to use. You can also adjust the handset speaker volume during a call by sliding the joystick up, and then (to make it louder) or down (to make it softer).
  • Page 42: Mute The Handset And Base Ringer

    Mute the Handset and Base Ringer While the handset is ringing, you can mute the ringer for this note call by pressing the MUTE soft key. To mute the base ringer press call. You can only mute the handset ringer if the handset is off the Mute the Handset Microphone base when the phone...
  • Page 43: Clarity Booster

    If your phone is set to pulse dialing mode, make your call normally. Once your call connects, press the /tone key. Any digits you enter from then on will be sent as tone digits. When this particular call ends, the phone automatically returns to pulse dialing mode.
  • Page 44: Find Handset

    Find Handset To locate the handset, press note find hs/ in standby mode. All registered handsets beep for 60 seconds, and If the battery pack is the handset display. To cancel paging, completely drained, the press any key on the handset or find hs/ handset will not beep.
  • Page 45: Calendar & Scheduler

    Calendar & Scheduler Your phone has a built-in calendar that you can use to schedule reminders and appointments (all the way through December 31, 2023). You can set alarms for up to 30 different events; Select the Reminder/Calender option to view the calendar. Use the joystick to scroll through the calendar.
  • Page 46 3) If you want your phone to ring when this reminder occurs, move to the second line. Select the ringer tone you want the phone to ring. 4) Press the center of the joystick. 5) Select third line to enter a name or reminder text for this reminder.
  • Page 47: Using The Phonebook

    Using the Phonebook Your phone lets you store up to 100 entries in each handset. You can store up to 4 phone numbers for each name in your phonebook (for a total of 400 numbers), and you assign names to groups for easy searching. You can also store a special ringer tone, display, and color to each name or group.
  • Page 48 Step 1: Name Select and use the keypad to enter the name for this entry. You can enter up to 16 characters. If you don't want to enter a name, your phone will store this entry as <No Name>. Press the center of the joystick when you're finished, and your phone will go back to the current phonebook entry.
  • Page 49 After you enter the number, press the center of the joystick. You can select an icon to remind you which number this is: home , work , mobile , or general phone number the center of the joystick when you're finished. Step 3: Unique Ring Select to attach a special ring to this phone.
  • Page 50 Step 4: Unique Display note Select the display you want the phone to use when this person calls, or select No Selection to have the phone use its regular display. You can press the VIEW soft key to see the display choices: You can also choice the display from the themes.
  • Page 51 Step 6: Phonebook Group Select to place this entry into a phonebook group. Select the group (0-9) you want this entry to belong to, or select No Selection to leave the entry outside of any group. Press the center of the joystick when you're finished, and your phone will go back to the current phonebook entry.
  • Page 52: Storing Caller Id Or Redial Numbers In The Phonebook

    Storing Caller ID or Redial Numbers in the Phonebook You can store Caller ID or redial numbers in your phonebook so you can use them later. Go to the Caller ID list or redial list and select the number you want to store. (If the Caller ID information didn't include the number, then you can't store it.) Press the OPTION soft key and select phone will create a phonebook entry so you can enter the...
  • Page 53 To delete all the entries from your phonebook, go to the phonebook and press the OPTION soft key without selecting an entry. Select D el e te Al l select Y e s Copying phonebook entries to another handset When you copy entries to another handset, the group and speed dial information won't be transferred.
  • Page 54: Checking The Number Of Stored Entries

    To copy all the phonebook entries, go to the phonebook and press the OPTION soft key without selecting an entry. Select . Select the handset you want to copy to the entry to. Co py Al l Checking the number of stored entries To see how many phonebook entries you have, go to the phonebook and press the OPTION soft key and select...
  • Page 55: Naming Phonebook Groups

    in alphabetical order. Enter a letter from the keypad to jump to the first entry beginning with that letter. Naming phonebook groups Your phone comes with 10 groups to organize your phonebook. You can name groups things like "Family" or "Friends" or "Softball team."...
  • Page 56: Caller Id Features

    Caller ID Features If you subscribe to Caller ID from your phone company, your phone will show you the caller's phone number and name (if available) whenever a call comes in: If you subscribe to both Call Waiting and Caller ID the phone also show you the name and number of call waiting calls (that is, calls that come in while you're on the line.) Using the Caller ID List...
  • Page 57 If you want to see how many Caller ID numbers are stored in your phone, go to the Caller ID list and press the OPTION soft key. Select C ap a ci ty Calling someone from the Caller ID list Go to the Caller ID list and select the number you want to call.
  • Page 58: Answering Machine

    Answering Machine The phone has a built-in answering machine that answers and records incoming calls. You can also use your answering machine to record a conversation, leave a voice memo message, or announce a special outgoing message to callers when you're away from your phone.
  • Page 59: Setting Up The Answering Machine

    Setting Up the Answering Machine To access the answering machine settings, go to the Setup Menu and select Answer Machine. Security Code If you want to call in and get your messages when you're away from, you'll have to set a security code. Go and select A ns w er Ma c hi ne .
  • Page 60 Ring Time You can set the number of times the phone will ring before the machine answers the call. Go to Answering Machine Ti me ring; choose from 2, 4, or 6 times. The Toll Saver feature makes Ring Time the answering machine answer after two rings if you have new messages and after four rings if you don't.
  • Page 61 Message Alert if you want the answering machine to beep every 15 seconds whenever you have unheard messages, turn on the message alert tone. Go to A ns w er Ma c hi ne Select . A confirmation tone tells you the setting has been saved.
  • Page 62: Setting Your Outgoing Greeting

    Setting Your Outgoing Greeting You answering machine comes with a prerecorded greeting: note "Hello. No one is available to take your call. Please leave a message after the tone." You can use this greeting, or you can record your own. •To finish the setting, press end.
  • Page 63: Using The Answering Machine

    If you want to delete your greeting, press 6 to play your greeting, and then press prerecorded greeting.) Using the Answering Machine Turning On the Answering Machine To turn your answering machine on and off, go to , and select M ac h in e An s we r O n/ O ff answering machine on or...
  • Page 64 You can review your messages from the base or from the handset: note Playing your •You can't delete messages unheard messages. If you try to delete messages before listening to them, the answering machine will Repeating a beep and say "Please message playback all messages."...
  • Page 65: Recording A Phone Conversation

    Recording a phone conversation You can record a phone conversation with your handset. The conversation has to last more than two seconds and less than ten minutes. During a conversation, press the center of the joystick. Select C al l R ec o rd handset sounds a confirmation tone that can be heard by both parties and displays C al l R e co r di n g...
  • Page 66: Remote Operation

    Remote Operation You can check, play, or delete messages when you are away note from home. You can also record, select, or delete your own greeting message. To access your answering machine remotely, you need a touch tone telephone and a two-digit security code •The system will only (see Setting a Security Code on page 58).
  • Page 67 4) Enter a command from the following chart within 15 seconds. After the first command, you have two seconds to enter each command. Command Function Repeat a Message* then then Play incoming Messages Skip a Message then then Delete a Message Stop Operation then * For the Repeat a Message function, press 0 then 1 within...
  • Page 68: Multi-Handset Features

    Multi-Handset Features The features in this section require a minimum of two handsets to operate. To add additional handsets to your system, see "Expanding Your Phone" on page 9. Text Message You can chat with another handset using text messages and still be able to receive calls.
  • Page 69 Sending a Preset Message To send a preset message, go to PresetMSG soft key. Select you want to send from the following list: 1. Are you free? 2. What's up? 3. I need your help. 4. What's for lunch? 5. What's for dinner? Then, select the handset you want to send the message to;...
  • Page 70 To send your custom message, go , and press the Ne w M es s ag e PresetMSG soft key. Select Select the number Cu s to m M es s ag e. of the message you want to send. Then, select the handset you want to send the message to;...
  • Page 71 Delete current message Select . The phone will ask you to confirm; select Delete Message , and the message is deleted. Y es Delete all messages Select . The phone will ask you to confirm; select Delete ALL Msg and the message is deleted. Y es , Reply to a message Select...
  • Page 72: Using Directlink Mode

    Using DirectLink Mode In DirectLink Mode, a pair of note handsets can function as two-way radios. You can have up to two pairs of handsets in DirectLink Mode at a time. DirectLink Mode •If the party is out of does not interfere with the main range, No Signal appears in the display,...
  • Page 73: Room/Baby Monitor

    Room/Baby Monitor This feature allows you to monitor sounds in another room. Place a handset in the room you wish to monitor; it will function as a microphone. A second handset can be used as a remote speaker, allowing you to monitor sounds in the room.
  • Page 74: Intercom

    Intercom You can use the intercom to talk to note another handset without using the phone line. While the phone is in standby mode, press hold/x'fr/ •If you receive an int'com. Select the handset you want outside/intercom call or to page. If you select page while selecting the other handset, the handsets will be paged.
  • Page 75: Transferring A Call

    Transferring a Call You can transfer a call from one handset to another. During a call, press hold/x'fr/int'com; this will put the call on hold. Select the handset you want to page. If you select all other handsets will be paged. To cancel the page and go back to the caller, press /flash.
  • Page 76: Note On Power Sources

    Friday, or To avoid the risk of personal injury or property damage from fire or electrical shock, use only Uniden AD-830 AC adapters and Uniden BT-0001 battery back with your phone. • Use only the specified Uniden battery pack (BT-0001).
  • Page 77: Installing A Replacement Battery

    . u n i d e n . c o m note •Use only the Uniden (BT-0001) rechargeable battery pack supplied with your cordless telephone.
  • Page 78: Low Battery Alert

    4) Make sure you have a good note •Even when the battery 5) Place the battery case cover back pack is not being used, it will gradually discharge over a long period of time. •For optimum Low battery alert performance, be sure to return the handset to When the battery pack is very low, the phone is programmed to the cradle after each...
  • Page 79: Cleaning The Battery Charging Contacts

    Cleaning the battery charging contacts To maintain a good charge, clean the charging contacts on the handset once a month. Dampen a cloth with plain water. Gently rub the damp cloth over the charging contacts until all visible dirt is removed. Dry the contacts thoroughly before returning the handset to the cradle.
  • Page 80: General Information

    General Information The phone complies with FCC Parts 15 and 68. Operating temperature: 0 °C to +50 °C (+32 °F to +122 °F) AC Adapter Information AC Adapter part number: AD-830 Input Voltage: 120V AC 60Hz Output Voltage: 9V DC 400mA Battery Information Battery part number: BT-0001 Capacity: 650mAh, 3.7V...
  • Page 81: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting If your phone is not performing to your expectations, please try these simple steps first. If these steps do not solve your problem, please call our Customer Hotline at 1-800-297-1023 (Mon - Fri 7 am to 7 pm, Sat/Sun/holidays 9 am to 5 pm, CST). Symptom The charge LED won't •...
  • Page 82 Symptom • Make sure that you are not too far from the base. The handset doesn't ring • Charge the batteries in the handset for 15-20 hours by placing the handset on or receive a page. • Change the Digital Security Code (see page 13). •...
  • Page 83 Symptom •Make sure the base unit is plugged in. The answering machine •Make sure that the answering machine is turned on. does not work. •Make sure that the message record time is not set to Announce only (see page 59). Messages are •The incoming messages may be too long.
  • Page 84: System Reset

    System Reset De-register the Handset 1) Press and hold and # for more than 5 seconds. Select D er eg i st e r H S 2) Select the handset ID to be de-registered from the list. The phone will ask you to confirm the deregistration. Select Ye s Replacing the Base Setting...
  • Page 85: Liquid Damage

    Liquid Damage Moisture and liquid can damage your cordless phone. Follow the steps below if your phone gets wet: Case If the handset or base is exposed to moisture or liquid, but only the exterior plastic housing is affected. If moisture or liquid has entered the plastic-housing (i.e.
  • Page 86: Important Safety Instructions

    (servicing) instructions in the literature accompanying the appliance. Uniden works to reduce lead content in our PVC coated cords in our products and accessories. [ 8 5 ] P r e c a u t i o n s & W a r r a n t y...
  • Page 87: One Year Limited Warranty

    Changes or modifications to this product not expressly approved by Uniden, or operation of this product in any way other than as detailed by the owner's manual, could void your authority to operate this product.
  • Page 88 I.C. Notice TERMINAL EQUIPMENT NOTICE: This equipment meets the applicable Industry Canada Terminal Equipment Technical Specifications. This is confirmed by the registration number. The abbreviation, IC, before the registration number signifies that registration was performed based on a Declaration of Conformity indicating that Industry Canada technical specifications were met. It does not imply that Industry Canada approved the equipment.
  • Page 89 Index Animations... . 28 Answering Machine Answering Mode..57 Call screen ..60 Message alert ..60 Security code.
  • Page 90 Sort order ... 53 Speed dial... 50 Unique color ..49 Unique display..49 Unique ring .
  • Page 91 Memo w w w . u n i d e n . c o m [ 9 0 ]...
  • Page 92 Memo w w w . u n i d e n . c o m [ 9 1 ]...
  • Page 93: Remote Operation Card

    Remote Operation Card C U T REMOTE OPERATION CARD Remote access away from home 1. Call your phone number from a touch-tone phone. 2. During the outgoing message, press 0 and enter your PIN code. The answering system announces the number of messages stored in memory and the voice prompts.
  • Page 94 C U T Task Repeat a Message Playing incoming Messages Skipping a Message Deleting a Message Stop Operation Answering System On Memo Record/Stop Greeting Message Record/Stop Answer System Off Help Guidance C U T Task Repeat a Message Playing incoming Messages Skipping a Message Deleting a Message Stop Operation...
  • Page 95 At Uniden, we'll take care of you! Thank you for purchasing a Uniden product. If you have any questions or problems, please do not return this product to the place of purchase. Having Trouble? Our customer care specialists are here to help you! Call our Customer Hotline at 1-800-297-1023 Mon - Fri 7 am to 7 pm, Sat/Sun/holidays 9 am to 5 pm, CST, or visit our website at
  • Page 96 T H A N K Y O U F O R B U Y I N G A U N I D E N P R O D U C T. UPZZ01357BZ ©2004 Uniden America Corporation, Fort Worth, Texas. Contains additional foreign articles. Custom manufactured in China.