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Uniden 2165 Quick Start Manual

Uniden cordless telephone user manual
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Digital Spread Spectrum
provides the longest range,
the clearest sound
and the best privacy.



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  Summary of Contents for Uniden 2165

  • Page 1: Quick Start

    QUICK START GUIDE 2155/ 2165 Digital Spread Spectrum provides the longest range, the clearest sound and the best privacy.
  • Page 2 Choosing the best location for your DSS2155/DSS2165 When choosing a location for your phone there are a number of appliances the phone should not be near, and areas you should avoid. This symbol indicates important operating and AVOID - servicing instructions. Television sets and other electronic appliances...
  • Page 3: Quick Start Guide

    Installing the Base Unit (DSS2155/DSS2165) Make sure the AC Adaptor remains switched ON at all times. Use only the Uniden AC Adaptor supplied with this unit. Charge Cradle (DSS2165 only) Plug the AC adaptor cord into the Charge Cradle, then plug the AC Adaptor into the wall power point.
  • Page 4 Quick Start Guide Installing the Batteries in the Handset/s Press the battery cover and slide it off. Connect the battery plug to the socket at the rear of the battery compartment. Make sure the plug is the right way round. Press firmly until it clicks into place.
  • Page 5: Making A Call

    Quick Start Guide Making a Call Pick up the Handset and press Dial the phone number Dial the phone number - then press talk To hang up - press Place the Handset on the base Unit. Answering a Call Handset on Base Unit: Remove the Handset from the base and speak (Auto Talk).
  • Page 6: Using The Answering System

    Quick Start Guide Initial Settings Ring Time - the number of rings before the Answering System answers the call Set Ring Time to T/S (= 9 rings) Record Time - the length of time a caller may record a message Set Record Time to 1 minute Using the Answering System To Play Your Message...
  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS Installation & Safety Quick Start Guide Installing the Base Unit Installing the Handset Batteries Making a Call Setting up the Answering System Using the Answering System Contents Controls & Functions Welcome Features Setting Up your Telephone Accessories Included in Your Package Installing the Belt Clip Headset Installation Battery Maintenance...
  • Page 8: Controls & Functions

    CONTROLS & FUNCTIONS Headset jack Belt clip slot Battery compartment Memory key Talk key Rocket/C.wait key Handset aerial Handset speaker Display screen Flash/Registration key CID key Volume control keys Alpha Numeric keypad RING TIME REC TIME 2/4/TS ANN/4/1 28/09 12:30 JIM STATEN 02 9599 3355 memory...
  • Page 9 Aerial Telephone Line input AC Adaptor input Registration button Ringer Off/On Voice memo key Message display Volume control keys Delete key Play key Time/3-way Answer On/Off key Mute Redial/Pause key Page/Int’com key Rear of Base Unit Top of Base Unit C.wait key Speaker key Hands free microphone...
  • Page 10: Welcome

    Congratulations on your purchase of the Uniden DSS2155/DSS2165 digital cordless telephone. This phone is designed for reliability, long life and outstanding performance utilising the latest in 900 MHz Digital Spread Spectrum Technology. COMPANY PHILOSOPHY To bring outstanding wireless communication products to people’s lives throughout the world.
  • Page 11: Accessories Included In Your Package

    ACCESSORIES INCLUDED IN YOUR PACKAGE To get the most from your Rechargeable Battery phone, please read this DSS2155 (1) DSS2165 (2) Owner’s Manual thoroughly. Be sure to complete and mail the product consumer support card. NOTE If any of these items are missing or damaged, contact your place of purchase.
  • Page 12: Battery Maintenance

    The high quality rechargeable batteries supplied with your phone perform for up to two NOTE years or more. In order to enjoy the best performance from your phone, we recommend you replace your batteries every two years with a genuine Uniden Battery. The built-in memory Simply order a replacement battery from:...
  • Page 13: Making And Receiving Calls

    MAKING AND RECEIVING CALLS Basic phone operation When Handset Off Base When Handset On Base INCOMING CALL Pick up Handset. TALK LOUD Auto talk answers the call as soon as the Handset is picked up. Pick up handset. Enter the phone number.
  • Page 14: Call Transfer

    CALL TRANSFER During a call, you can transfer the call to another optional handset (maximum 7 handsets). 1. Press NOTE 2. Press The Handset number is shown on the If the called handset is not right side of the display. answered within 20 seconds, 3.
  • Page 15: Travelling Out Of Range

    4. Press NOTE Redial from talk mode Only the last number dialed 1. Press can be accessed after talk 2. Press has been pressed. will be displayed and redialed. Redial from the Base Unit 1. To call the last number dialed from the Base Unit, press 2.
  • Page 16: Storing Phone Numbers & Names

    With the Handset Memory Dialing allows you to dial a number using just a few key strokes. You can store up to 59 phone numbers in the memory. Since each step must be completed within 10 seconds, it may be advisable to review these instructions before starting.
  • Page 17: Making Calls With Memory Dialing

    MAKING CALLS WITH MEMORY DIALLING Memory Dialling from Standby 1. Press your programmed memory locations. NOTE 2. Press number Numbers stored in one memory location you would like to dial. handset cannot be accessed 3. Press from additional handsets. dialed. Display a Memory Number or Name NOTE names display and the numbers display.
  • Page 18: Editing A Stored Name & Phone Number

    1. Press and hold 2. Press 3. Press 4. Press 5. Press 6. Press 7. Use 8. Press 9. Press NOTE Memory location for the Rocket Dial is independent You can share your most frequently dialed number in the Rocket Dial location on each Handset.
  • Page 19: Making Calls With Rocket Dial

    MAKING CALLS WITH ROCKET DIAL NOTE When the phone is in the standby mode, simply press If the Rocket Dial does not Rocket Dial memory location is instantly dialed. have a stored number, the Handset will beep rapidly ERASING A STORED NAME AND PHONE NUMBER and the phone will not dial.
  • Page 20: 3-Way Conversation

    NOTE If additional Handsets have been registered to the base, all Handsets will beep when paged. 2 way radio feature (using an optional handset) 2 way communications between the Handsets using the intercom feature, can be achieved without the base 3 WAY CONVERSATION NOTE Between one Handset, the Base Unit and an outside caller;...
  • Page 21: Registration

    REGISTRATION The Handset/s supplied with your DSS2155/DSS2165 have already been registered. For additional Handsets it is very important to allocate each Handset a different number to enable functions such as Call Transfer. Registration Process Follow this process for each additional Handset (DSS2105) that needs to be registered to the If a Handset is registered at Main Base or for registering your Main Handset.
  • Page 22: Caller Id

    CALLER ID You must subscribe to the Caller ID service from your local telephone company to use these features. When the telephone rings, the Caller ID feature allows you to view the caller’s name and phone number on the display before you answer the phone. The handset displays the phone number of the incoming call, the name, time and the number of calls.
  • Page 23: Viewing The Caller Id Message List

    Viewing the Caller ID Message List The Caller ID list stores information for up to 60 incoming calls-even unanswered calls. 1. Press The screen shows the number of new messages and total messages. 2. Press message. 3. Press to see the previous message. 4.
  • Page 24: Using The Caller Id List

    Using the Caller ID List Calling a party from the Caller ID list You can place a call from the Caller ID list. The DSS2155/DSS2165 stores up to 60 messages. 1. Press want to dial by pressing 2. Press will be dialled automatically. Storing Caller ID messages in Memory dialing The phone number of the party on the Caller NOTE...
  • Page 25: Using Your Answering System

    ANSWER SYSTEM You can use your answering system to leave a voice memo message for others who use the phone, or to announce a special message to callers when you’re away from your phone. Features Digital Tapeless Recording 15 minutes of Recording Time Selective Greeting (Outgoing Message) Remote Message Retrieval and Room Monitor Toll Saver...
  • Page 26: Using Your Answering System

    Selecting the message record time: You can set your answering system to record a message up to one or four minutes long. One minute option : move the REC TIME switch to 1. Four minutes option : move the REC TIME switch to 4. Announce only feature: The announce only feature plays an outgoing message, but it will not allow the caller to leave a message.
  • Page 27: Deleting Messages

    Repeating a message 1. Press to review the message. The number of stored messages is announced. 2. After a message has played for a few seconds, press to repeat the message. 3. Press at any time to stop reviewing messages and return to standby. The message counter LED shows the total number of messages still on the system.
  • Page 28: Setting Date And Time

    Setting the Date and Time 1. Press announced. 2. Press 3. Press 4. Press 5. Press 6. Press 7. Press 6. Press 7. Press Checking the Date and Time Press Setting the Time Stamp On/Off 1. Press 2. Press 3. Press 4.
  • Page 29: Remote Access

    Remote access away from home: You can operate your answering system from a remote location using any touch-tone telephone. Use this function to check for recorded messages, play or delete messages, record a new outgoing message - or - monitor sounds in the room. 1.
  • Page 30: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLE SHOOTING Talk flashes Re-register the handset - see page 15. No dial tone Disconnect some telephones.
  • Page 31: Warranty

    Uniden, (C) Improperly installed, (D) Repaired by someone other than an authorised Uniden Repair Agent for a defect or malfunction covered by this warranty, (E) Used in conjunction with any equipment or parts or as part of a system not manufactured by Uniden.
  • Page 32 © 2003 Uniden Australia Pty Limited Uniden New Zealand Limited...

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