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Crossover Frequency; Test Tone - Sony STR-DH720HP Operating Instructions Manual

Hi-fi receivers: multi channel av receiver.
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• Depending on the speaker pattern setting, some
parameters may not be available.
• This function does not work when "A. DIRECT" is
being used.
To adjust the size of each
You can adjust each speaker's (front left/right,
front left/right high, center, surround left/right,
surround back left/right) size.
Select the speaker on the screen for
which you want to adjust the size, then
Select "Size".
Set the size of the selected speaker,
then press
• Large: If you connect large speakers that
will effectively reproduce bass
frequencies, select "Large". Normally,
select "Large".
• Small: If the sound is distorted, or you
feel a lack of surround effects when using
multi channel surround sound, select
"Small" to activate the bass redirection
circuitry and output the bass frequencies
of each channel from the subwoofer or
other "Large" speakers.
This function does not work when "A. DIRECT" is
being used.
• The "Large" and "Small" settings for each speaker
determine whether the internal sound processor
will cut the bass signal from that channel.
When the bass is cut from a channel, the bass
redirection circuitry sends the corresponding bass
frequencies to the subwoofer or other "Large"
However, since bass sound has a certain amount of
directionality, it is best not to cut it, if possible.
Therefore, even when using small speakers, you
can set them to "Large" if you want to output the
bass frequencies from that speaker. On the other
hand, if you are using a large speaker, but prefer
not to have bass frequencies output from that
speaker, set it to "Small".
If the overall sound level is lower than you prefer,
set all speakers to "Large". If there is not enough
bass, you can use the equalizer to boost the bass
• The surround back speakers will be set to the same
setting as that of the surround speakers.
• When the front speakers are set to "Small", the
center, surround, and front high speakers are also
automatically set to "Small".
• If you do not use the subwoofer, the front speakers
are automatically set to "Large".
x Crossover Freq (Speaker

crossover frequency)

Lets you set the bass crossover frequency of
speakers that the speaker size has been set to
"Small" in the Speaker Settings menu.
Measured speaker crossover frequency is set
for each speaker after the Auto Calibration.
Select the speaker on the
screen you want to adjust, then
Adjust the value, then press
x Test Tone
You can select the test tone type on the "Test
Tone" screen.


Table of Contents

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