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Periodical Inspection; Life Limited Parts - Toshiba TC-net 100 Instruction Manual

Connecting to the unified controller nv series
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Chapter 6 Maintenance and Inspection
Indoor environment
Check if the temperature and humidity of the location where the product
is located are within the product specification range (Table A-1 in
Appendix A).

6.1.2 Periodical inspection

To prevent accidents and use the product safely for long-term operation,
it is recommended performing a periodical inspection every 6 months.
Also, it is recommended replacing life limited parts regularly (refer to "6.2
Life limited parts"). For a periodical inspection, consult with one of
Toshiba's service representatives.

Life Limited Parts

To use the product safely for a long time, replace the life limited parts
regularly. When replacing them, consult with one of Toshiba's service
The following table shows the life limited parts and their replacement
Organic semiconductor aluminum
solid electrolytic capacitors
Electrical double layer capacitors
Optical module (TN821/TN822 only)
Switches, connectors
Table 6-1 Life limited parts and their recommended replacement cycles
Part name
Recommended replacement cycle
15 years
10 years
It is recommended measuring output power every
10 years.
A sampling test every 10 years is recommended as
preventive maintenance.



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