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Setting The State Change Notification - Toshiba TC-net 100 Instruction Manual

Connecting to the unified controller nv series
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Setting the state change notification

Set the parameters of state change notification.
Open the parameter screen of the TN8 module, and select the [State
Change Notification] tab.
Figure 3-22 Parameter screen of state change notification
Up to 128 points can be set.
Register "Yes/No" for state change detection. The points with "Yes" are
In Scan Data Block No., 0 to 2047 blocks are covered.
In Scan Data Word No., 0 to 63 words if the block are covered. The words
are registered in units of 2 words (16 bits x 2), such as 0, 2, 4, ..., 58, 60, and
In Scan Data Bit Mask (8 digits in hexadecimal), register which bit in the
word is covered in hexadecimal. Set 0 to the bit to detect it, or 1 not to
detect it.
In Detection Timing, register how the bit changes in order to be detected.
In Notified Controller Slot No., register the slot number (0 to 7) of the
controller that makes a notification when a change occurs in the point.
・Setting register "Yes" for status change detection, "Point No." is downloaded to TN8 module
in the carry. "Point No." outputted by GET_IFP_INF command becomes "Point No." from TN8
Unified Controller nv series TC-net 100 (TN8) Module Operation Manual
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