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Accessing The Scan Data; Clearing The Scan Unhealthy State; Clearing The Overlapping Sending Sa - Toshiba TC-net 100 Instruction Manual

Connecting to the unified controller nv series
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3.4.2 Accessing the scan data

To access the scan data, double-click the desired block in the LAN
transmission map screen.
Select Block No. to access the data of the desired block.
Select Display Format to display the data in decimal or hexadecimal. To
write data to the specific word, double-click the data of the word. Enter
the data to write (make sure that the color changes to red), and select
[Write (W)]. The desired data can be written.
To save the displayed data to a file, click [Save (S)] and specify the file

3.4.3 Clearing the scan unhealthy state

The scan unhealthy map retains the state once the unhealthy state is
detected. Therefore, to confirm the state recovery, clear the scan
unhealthy state.
Click [Stop] on the monitor. Select [Clear Scan Unhealthy] to clear the
scan unhealthy state.

3.4.4 Clearing the overlapping sending SA

If the scan block is sent from multiple nodes redundantly, it is an
overlapping sending state. In the LAN transmission map screen, the
background color of the clock changes to red to indicate the occurrence of
the overlapping state. At the same time, two numbers are displayed in
the block, indicating the node number where the overlapping state exists.
To clear the overlapping state, reset the scan sending block, and
download it to the node with the overlapping state.
After clearing the overlapping state, check that the operation is normal.
The overlapping sending map retains the state once the overlapping
sending state is detected. Therefore, to confirm the state recovery, clear
the overlapping sending SA (station address).
Figure3-26 Display screen of scan data
Unified Controller nv series TC-net 100 (TN8) Module Operation Manual
3.4 Network Information



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