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Functions And Characteristics Of The Tn8 Module - Toshiba TC-net 100 Instruction Manual

Connecting to the unified controller nv series
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Chapter 1 Introducing the TN8 Module

Functions and Characteristics of the TN8 Module

The TN8 module is a device to connect the controller main unit of
the Unified Controller nv series to the information and monitoring
control network TC-net 100. For the interface of the TN8 module,
optical fiber cables are provided: One for single bus and one for
dual-redundant bus.
・TN821: Optical fiber cable single bus module
・TN821A: Optical fiber cable single bus module
・TN822: Optical fiber cable dual-redundant bus module
・TN822A: Optical fiber cable dual-redundant bus module
Up to 4 TN8 modules can be installed to the basic unit.
• TN821A/TN822A are successor machine for TN821/TN822. Thus, TN821A/TN822A are
Characteristics of the TN8 module
• Openness
The TN8 module is a network for monitoring control that
maintains the openness of the 100 Mbps Ethernet and has the
collision avoidance function and deterministic real time
• Communication services
The communication services include scan transmission (cyclic
broadcast transmission) that transmits control data periodically,
and normal message transmission.
Scan transmission has 3 modes; high, medium and low, which can
be assigned according to the data update cycle to ensure
deterministic real time responsiveness.
Message transmission supports Toshiba's standard protocol
PCMP as well as TCP, UDP, and IP.
• PCMP: Process Control Message Protocol
• High reliability
Highly reliable system configuration is available with redundancy
of the transmission path.
compatible with TN821/TN822.



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