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Safety; Risk Of Electrocution; Risk Of Electrocution Due To Moisture - Silvercrest SLE 280 A2 Operating Instructions Manual


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In this section, you will receive important safety advice relating to appliance
handling. Improper use may result in personal injury and material damage.

Risk of electrocution

Risk of fatal injury from electrocution!
Contact with live cables or components can result in
fatal injury!
Please observe the following safety guidelines to prevent
electrical hazards.
Do not use the appliance if the power cable or the con-
necting plug is damaged.
There is a risk of electrocution if live connections are
touched and the electrical and mechanical structure is

Risk of electrocution due to moisture

Do not place the appliance in water, nor in water pool-
ing areas or in puddles.
The appliance may never be operated near a bath tub,
a shower, a filled wash basin or similar structures.
The appliance, the connection cabling and the mains
plug may not be immersed in water or other fluids.
Protect the appliance against drops or splashes of water.
In the event that fluid should enter the appliance (apart
from in the water tank), immediately disconnect the mains
plug. Arrange to have the appliance checked before put-
ting it into operation again after a period of remission.
Do not handle the appliance with damp hands.
Should the appliance have fallen into water, disconnect
the mains plug immediately. Remove the appliance only
SLE 280 A2

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents