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Initial Operation; Consignment Scope And Carriage Inspection; Disposal Of Packaging Materials - Silvercrest SLE 280 A2 Operating Instructions Manual


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Initial operation

Consignment scope and carriage inspection

The appliance is supplied with the following components as standard:
EU garden hose adapter
These operating instructions
Check the consignment for completeness and for signs of visible damage.
If the consignment is incomplete or damaged due to defective packaging
or carriage, contact the Service hotline (see the chapter Service).
Remove all packaging materials and all carriage braces from the appliance.
Remove the film from the control panel.

Disposal of packaging materials

The packaging protects the appliance from damage during carriage. The
packaging materials have been selected in accordance with environmentally
congruent and disposal-specific parameters and are, therefore, recyclable.
Returning the packaging to the materials cycle conserves raw materials and
reduces the amount of waste that is generated. Dispose of packaging materials
that are no longer needed in accordance with applicable local regulations.
SLE 280 A2

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents