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Introduction; Copyright; Limitation Of Liability; Intended Use - Silvercrest SLE 280 A2 Operating Instructions Manual


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Congratulations on the purchase of your new appliance.
You have selected a high-quality product. The operating instructions are part of
this product. They contain important information on safety, usage and disposal.
Before using the product, familiarise yourself with all handling and safety guide-
lines. Use the product only as described and for the range of applications speci-
fied. Keep these operating instructions in a safe place Upon cession of the
product to a third party, also hand over all documents


This documentation is subject to copyright protection.
Any reproduction, or any reprint, also in excerpted form, as well as the rendition
of figures, also in modified form, shall be permitted solely upon obtaining the
written consent of the manufacturer.

Limitation of liability

At the time of going to print, all the technical information, data and guidelines for
installation and handling contained in these operating instructions are consistent
with the state of the art, and - to the best of our knowledge - have been constituted
duly taking into account our experience and understanding.
No claims may be derived from the specifications, figures and descriptions in
these operating instructions.
The manufacturer assumes no liability for damages sustained in consequence of
non-adherence to the operating instructions, inappropriate use, improper repairs,
modifications undertaken without permission or the use of unauthorised spare

Intended use

The appliance is exclusively intended to dehumidify living spaces, basements or
storage areas with an ambient temperature of 5 °C to 35 °C. The appliance
may only be used indoors. The appliance is intended solely for personal use
and not for commercial deployment. Usage other than as described above is
impermissible and may result in injury and/or damage to the appliance.
The manufacturer shall assume no liability for damage attributable to misuse.
The risk shall be borne solely by the user.
SLE 280 A2

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents