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Risk Of Explosion; Risk Of Disease; Basic Safety Guidelines - Silvercrest SLE 280 A2 Operating Instructions Manual


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Risk of explosion

Do not use the appliance in a potentially explosive envi-
ronment containing combustible liquids, gases or dusts.
Electrical appliances generate sparks that can ignite the
dust or fumes.

Risk of disease

The stored water is not suitable for drinking or watering.
There are potential health hazards.
Do not use the appliance in swimming pools, wash rooms
or similar facilities.
The appliance is not suitable for drying lagging. If, after
a pipe has burst, insulation or lagging materials become
damp, consult an expert under all circumstances.
Never expose the appliance to temperatures of 0 °C
or lower. Residual water in the pipes could freeze and
damage the system.
Do not use the appliance in a dusty or chlorinated envi-

Basic safety guidelines

To ensure safe handling of the appliance, follow the safety
guidelines set out below
Prior to use, check the appliance for visible, external dam-
age. Do not operate an appliance that has been damaged
or dropped.
Should the connecting cable or the connections be damaged,
have them exchanged by authorised specialist staff or by the
Customer Service department in order to prevent hazards.
Do not operate the appliance outdoors.
SLE 280 A2

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents