Silvercrest SLE 280 A2 Operating Instructions Manual page 36

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Always place the appliance on a solid, flat surface so that it
cannot tip over.
Do not mount the appliance. Position the appliance's side
panels so as to allow a clearance of at least 20 cm from
walls or other objects, and ensure a clearance of at least 50
cm from the front, rear and top panels of the appliance in
order to ensure good air circulation.
The appliance may only be operated in rooms with an ambi-
ent temperature of 5 °C to 35 °C.
Use the appliance only in areas measuring a total of 20 m².
Clean the air filters before they become heavily soiled.
While draining the tube, ensure that it does not become
blocked and that the open end of the tube is positioned at a
lower level than the outlet aperture. The end of the tube must
be positioned above a drain.
Operate the appliance only with the integrated water tank
or with the tube installed.
Connect the earthing pin plug only to a properly installed,
easily accessible plug socket with protected contacts, the
voltage of which corresponds to the specifications on the
rating plate. The plug socket must remain easily accessible
even following connection.
Before cleaning, always disconnect the mains plug from the
mains power socket.
SLE 280 A2

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents