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Inlet Valve - Whirlpool VAN GOGH WWD22ABBPH00 Service Manual

Dual inlet
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5.5 – Inlet Valve
The Valve assembly is responsible for release the soap and filling operation and it has 2 water inlet Valves.
One valve is responsible for
released the Hot water inlet
and the other one is
responsible for release the
Cold water inlet, according
with the water temperature
selection on the panel.
a) Check if the water is entering the Washer, even with it is unplugged to the electric supply. If Yes, Valve
has "direct opening" and must be replaced;
b) Check if there is dirt in Valve Filter. Clean it only with a toothbrush or brush. Never remove or damage
the filter.
c) Disconnect Wiring Harness;
d) Check continuity between terminals on each Valve;
Voltage in Valve
220V – 60Hz
Before changing Valve check:
Wiring harness continuity;
If the Filters are not dirty or clogged;
If inlet hose has gasket; replace in case of damage;
If the Wiring connections are properly.
The Inlet Valve is fastened to the Dispenser side with 2 screws.
To remove it you must only release the 2 screws.
Note: Don't remove this Rubber seal. Its improve the
fitting and prevents water leakage.
Red Net
Hot water inlet
Continuity (Ohms - Ω)
2889 to 3531
Rubber seal
White Red
Cold water inlet



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