Whirlpool WWA-780 Service Manual

7.8kg capacity
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Overall dimension(Net dimension)
Net weight
Power consumption
Motor output
Marked capacity of washing/spinning
Washing method
Water capacity
Water consumption
Pulsator speed
Spinner tub speed
Specification: Subject to change without notice.
Automatic Washer
AC 220V, 60Hz
Automatic reverse turn
127 Liters (Regular wash cycle
Water level: High)
170 rpm(DELICATE 60 rpm)
850 rpm



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  Summary of Contents for Whirlpool WWA-780

  • Page 1 SERVICE MANUAL Automatic Washer WWA-780 (Philippines) SPECIFICATION Power source AC 220V, 60Hz Overall dimension(Net dimension) 540mmX562mmX940mm Net weight 33kg Power consumption 380W Motor output 180W Marked capacity of washing/spinning 7.8kg Washing method Automatic reverse turn Water capacity 52Liters Water consumption...
  • Page 2 WWA-780 ABNORMAL CONDITION When the washer is abnormal, the washer stops as the every actions turns off, beep tone sounds ON-0.1 second and OFF-0.1 second for 6 seconds and number window LED display abnormal code and blink on and off. The washer judges the following six conditions as abnormal condition.
  • Page 3: Circuit Diagram

    UD appears on the LCD is because that the customer set the drain remaining water program and forget to cancel it. Please refer to the user’s manual (Page: 11) Just press the WASH OPTION for 4 seconds, then the UD will disappear. WWA-780 CIRCUIT DIAGRAM COLOR SYMBOL...
  • Page 4 WWA-780 TROUBLE INSPECTION INSPECTION CAUSES REMEDY b. Water Supply Water does not Does humming Something on the filter of flow when the noise come on the water valve or Clean the filter. power switch is from water feed hose assembly.
  • Page 5 WWA-780 TROUBLE INSPECTION INSPECTION CAUSES REMEDY c. Wash/Rinse ’ Bearing ass y is defective. Replace. Washing cycle does Does the spin tub Poor connect not start even if rotated normally Replace. connectors water keeps the when the Thermostat on motor is selected water level.
  • Page 6 WWA-780 TROUBLE INSPECTION INSPECTION INSPECTION CAUSES REMEDY Drain takes time too Replace. Valve bellows is deformed. long. ’ Drain hose ass y is Repair or replace. deformed. Note: In draining, the water lever sensor can Note: In draining, the water level sensor can Hose is connected in the Repair.
  • Page 7 WWA-780 TROUBLE INSPECTION INSPECTION INSPECTION CAUSES REMEDY Operation of safety device Start of spin-dry. Safety device work. Normal spin. Electric circuit works to stop Electric circuit spin when safety device counts operation detects continuously three of safety device. times of abnormal swing of spin drum.
  • Page 8 WWA-780 TROUBLE INSPECTION INSPECTION CAUSES REMEDY Buzzing/rattling Does some noise Belt is slipping. Adjust. during washing sound during Pulley is loose. Tighten. or rinsing. spin drying? Some part touch motor Repair or replace Something underneath Remove. pulsator. ’ Pulsator is rubbing.
  • Page 9 WWA-780 PART LIST 部件名称 规格•用途 ’ Key No. Part No. Description 301285150T140 洗衣机线束 Wire bunch 3012811203140 尼龙扣 固定洗衣机线束在电脑板盒上 Nylon Wire fix 3012175656140 电脑板盒盖 A 阻燃等级 5VA Shielding plate A 3010874579040 电脑板完成 Control Circuit Board Complete 3012175657140 电脑板盒盖 B Board lid B STATN408R0SE- 螺钉...
  • Page 10 33-5 3010317128040 进水盒组件 Water Valve connecter WWA-780 部件名称 规格•用途 ’ Key No. Part No. Description ST1TN40120SE- 螺钉 4×12E 固定进水盒完成 SCR 4×12E 3012914201140 止退销 电气镀锌 Stopping Pin 3012234201140 吊杆球座 白色 Spring Damper Base 3010111033045 箱体铆接组件 亮灰色 Frame Complete 3016942S01140 纤维胶带 Fiber Tape 贴于箱体后边缘(辅料,BOM 中不出现)...
  • Page 11 75-2 ST1TN50210UK- 螺钉 5×21K SCR 5×21K 固定平衡环组件与脱水桶体 WWA-780 部件名称 规格•用途 ’ Key No. Part No. Description 75-3 3010241106042 脱水桶组件 Spin Tub Assembly 75-4 3012240205140 脱水桶法兰 Spin Tub Boss 75-5 3010912305140 法兰螺钉组件 固定脱水桶法兰 Boss Screw Assembly 75-6 ST1TN40120UK- 螺钉 4×12K 固定循环水道...
  • Page 12 WWA-780 ( ( ( ( 1) ) ) ) Exploded View...
  • Page 13 WWA-780 ( ( ( ( 2) ) ) ) Exploded View...
  • Page 14 TEARDOWN SECTION This section will describe how to remove components from a top load washer. Unless stated, the procedure will be the same on all top load washers, Unless stated, reverse the procedure to reinstall the component. Warning: Always remove electrical power from the washer when working in an area where electrical power is present.
  • Page 15 Removing the back plate First use cross-style screwdriver to demount the two screws fixed on the back plate. Then use slotted screwdriver to warp the back plate assembly, and sway the back plate assembly gently, then the back plate assembly can be removed. Removing the safety device switch Use cross-style screwdriver to demount the two screws fixed on the safety device switch, pull out the jack, draw the safety...
  • Page 16 Removing the water level sensor Warp the fastener on the top plate, pull out the jack and air trip hose, then draw the water level sensor out from the top plate. Removing the control circuit board complete First open the zygomorphous screw cap on the top plate, then demount the two screws by cross-style screwdriver.
  • Page 17 Removing the reed switch Use cross-style screwdriver to demount the special screw fixed on the reed switch, pull out the jack, then the reed switch can be removed. Removing the top plate Complete all the previous steps, draw out the wire bunch, the top plate can be removed without difficulty.

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