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Dispenser; Lid Switch - Whirlpool VAN GOGH WWD22ABBPH00 Service Manual

Dual inlet
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5.6 Dispenser

Softener Dispenser (1)
It's located on Agitator superior region.
Attention: We don't recommend the Softener dissolution,
because it can leave the Dispenser at the wrong moment,
example, during the agitation.
The Softener releasing happen during the Spin cycle into
the Fast Wash period for all programs, due to Centripetal
Soap Dispenser Drawer(2)
This washer has a dispenser with an exclusive compartment for soap.
The soap releasing happen during the first Washer filling for all programs, when the Inlet valve is activated.
Consumer must follow use specifications provided by detergent manufacturer (Soap/Softener).
Bleach Dispenser (3)
Shaped on left side of the Cover, the filling must be done according with the consumer desire/necessity.
The bleach releasing happen by gravity when the consumer fill the Bleach Dispenser.
a) Softener Dispenser
Just pull it outwards.
b) Soap Dispenser
Remove the Soap Drawer;
Remove the Cover (Top);
Release the 2 screws located at the Dispenser sides;
Remove the Dispenser.
c) Bleach Dispenser
Not applicable, it's shaped at the Top.
5.7 – Lid Switch
It works as a safety system and its activation is done through a lever.
With the Lid closed, the activation arm presses the switch lever, thus closing the electric circuit and enabling
the Washer operation.
When the Lid is opened, the switch breaks one of the electric supply phases, thus interrupting momentarily
the Washer operation; the operation is resumed when the Lid is closed.



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