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Laser Safety; How To Handle The Laser Scanner Unit; Toner Safety; About Toner - Canon MF720 Series Service Manual

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Laser Safety

Since radiation emitted inside the machine is completely confined within protective housings and external covers, the laser beam
cannot escape from the machine during any phase of user operation.
Therefore this machine is classified in Class 1 laser products that are regarded as safe during normal use according to
International Standard IEC60825-1.

How to Handle the Laser Scanner Unit

This machine is classified in Class 1 laser products.
However, inside the scanner unit, there is source of Class 3B laser beam and the laser beam is hazardous when entered into an
eye. So, be sure not to disassemble the laser scanner unit. No adjustment can be made to the laser scanner unit in this machine
in the field.
The label show in the following figure is attached on the laser scanner unit.
The following warnings are given to comply with Safety Principles (EN60950-1).
Diese Maschine ist der Klasse 1 der Laserprodukte zugeordnet.
Innerhalb der Scannereinheit befindet sich jedoch die Laserstrahlquelle der Klasse 3B und es ist gefährlich, wenn dieser Strahl
in die Augen gerät. Die Laserscannereinheit darf unter keinen Umständen entfernt werden. Es dürfen in diesem Umfeld der
Maschine keine Justagen an der Laserscannereinheit vorgenommen werden.
Das Etikett in folgendem Bild ist auf der Laserscannereinheit angebrachtt.

Toner Safety

About Toner

Toner is a nontoxic matter composed of plastic, iron and a trace of pigments.
Never throw toner in flames to avoid explosion.

Handling Adhered Toner

• Use dry tissue paper to wipe off toner adhered to skin or clothes and wash in water.
Safety Precautions


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