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- If you have had oral or gum surgery in the previous 2 months,
consult your dentist before you use the toothbrush.
- Consult your dentist if excessive bleeding occurs after using this
toothbrush or if bleeding continues to occur after 1 week of
use.Also consult your dentist if you experience discomfort or pain
when you use the Sonicare.
- The Sonicare toothbrush complies with the safety standards for
electromagnetic devices. If you have a pacemaker or other
implanted device, contact your physician or the device
manufacturer of the implanted device prior to use.
- If you have medical concerns, consult your doctor before you use
the Sonicare.
- This appliance has only been designed for cleaning teeth, gums
and tongue. Do not use it for any other purpose. Stop using the
appliance and contact your doctor if you experience any
discomfort or pain.
- The Sonicare toothbrush is a personal care device and is not
intended for use on multiple patients in a dental practice or
- Stop using a brush head with crushed or bent bristles. Replace the
brush head every 3 months or sooner if signs of wear appear.
- Do not use other brush heads than the ones recommended by the
- If your toothpaste contains peroxide, baking soda or bicarbonate
(common in whitening toothpastes), thoroughly clean the brush
head with soap and water after each use.This prevents possible
cracking of the plastic.
- Do not insert objects into the air openings of the sanitiser or block
these air openings by placing it on a soft surface or in a position or
location where objects will block these openings (examples of
- magazine, tissue paper and hair).
- The UV light bulb is hot during and immediately after the sanitising
cycle. Do not touch the UV light bulb when it is hot.
- Do not operate the sanitiser without the protective screen in place
to avoid contact with a hot bulb.



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