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Note: When the toothbrush is switched on, you cannot toggle
between modes.
1 Before you switch on the Philips Sonicare, press the mode button
to toggle between modes.
- The selected brushing mode lights up.
- Once a brushing mode has been selected, it remains active until
another brushing mode is selected.
Note: When the Philips Sonicare is used in clinical studies, it must be
used in the default 2-minute Clean mode at high intensity or in the
Deep Clean mode at high intensity.
Intensity levels per mode
- Low: 1 LED indicator light.
- Medium: 2 LED indicator lights.
- High: 3 LED indicator lights.
Note: to adjust the intensity level to the next higher or lower level,
you can press the + button to increase intensity or the - button to
decrease intensity at any time during the brushing cycle.
Pressure Sensor
A change in vibration (and a slight change in sound) alerts you when
you apply too much pressure while brushing. See chapter 'Features'.
Battery status (when handle is not on charger)
- 1 yellow LED indicates a low charge.
- 3 green LEDs indicate a full charge.
Note: If you hear a long beep and the yellow LED of the battery level
indicator flashes, your toothbrush is completely empty and switches
off. Place the toothbrush on the charger to recharge it.
Note: To keep the battery fully charged at all times, you may keep
your Philips Sonicare on the charger when not in use.
Pressure Sensor
This Philips Sonicare model comes with the Pressure Sensor feature
activated. The Pressure Sensor works in all 3 modes and at all 3
intensity levels.



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