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Brush head
1 Rinse the brush head and bristles after each use (Fig. 16).
2 Remove the brush head from the handle and rinse the brush head
connection with warm water at least once a week.
Warning: Do not immerse the sanitizer in water or rinse it
under the faucet.
Warning: Do not clean the sanitizer when the UV light bulb
is hot.
For optimal effectiveness, it is recommended to clean your sanitizer
1 Unplug the sanitizer.
2 Pull the drip tray straight out. Rinse the drip tray and wipe it clean
with a damp cloth (Fig. 17).
3 Clean all interior surfaces with a damp cloth.
4 Remove the protective screen in front of the UV light bulb (Fig. 18).
To remove the screen, grasp the edges next to the snaps, gently
squeeze and pull out the protective screen.
5 Remove the UV light bulb.
To remove the light bulb, grasp it and pull it out of the metal clasp.
6 Clean the protective screen and the UV light bulb with a damp
7 Reinsert the UV light bulb.
To reinsert the light bulb, align the bottom of the light bulb with
the metal clasp and push the bulb into the clasp.
8 Reinsert the protective screen.
To reinsert the screen, align the pegs on the screen with the slots
on the reflective surface near the UV light bulb. Push the screen
straight into the slots on the sanitizer.



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