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Setting The Percent Tolerance Selector - Honeywell AutoSet 1500 User Manual

Wintriss two-channel load analyzer.
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2. To set the sample period for 15 strokes, push switch #1 to the left (toward
the "OPEN' position). See Figure 4-1. Use a small screwdriver or ball
point pen (not a pencil) to push on the dimple at the left end of the switch.
The switch will snap over and down to the left. Make sure the switch is
set all the way left and not in between positions.
Figure 4-1. Stroke select switch (#1) with 15 strokes selected
3. To set the sample period for 1 stroke, just press the switch to the right
(away from the "OPEN' position).
4. If you change the switch position, hold the reset button on the front cover
for at least two seconds until the setpoint displays flash and change to
120% of full scale tonnage. The next time you run the press, the new
sample period will be in effect.

Setting the percent tolerance selector

The percent tolerance selector tells AutoSet what percentage to use in calculating
setpoints. The procedure below tells you how to determine the correct setting for
your die. You will not have to follow this procedure for every die. In most cases,
once you make the setting for one die, it will work for most of the dies you use
on the press.
See "When you may want to change the setpoint percentage" later in this chapter
for a discussion of when you may need to readjust the percent tolerance selector.
It is a good idea to read "How AutoSet Works" in Chapter 1
before following this procedure. That section tells you how
AutoSet calculates setpoints based on the percent tolerance
setting. However, you do not have to understand how AutoSet
calculates setpoints to do the following procedure. The steps
have been designed so you can make the right setting whether or
not you understand how AutoSet works.
AutoSet 1500 User Manual
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