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When You May Want To Change The Setpoint Percentage; When You Must Recalculate Setpoints; When Power Is Turned Off And Restored; Disabling Autoset - Honeywell AutoSet 1500 User Manual

Wintriss two-channel load analyzer.
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When you may want to change the setpoint percentage

Once you select the sample period and determine the right percent tolerance setting for
one die, you can use these settings for all the other dies used on the press. However,
there may be times when you may want to change the percent tolerance setting.
For some jobs, you may want much tighter setpoints even though the existing percent
tolerance setting would work just as well for the new job. On other jobs, normal tonnage
variations may require setpoints wider than usual. The wider variations could then occur
without a press shutdown.
In these cases, you would readjust AutoSet for the new die. Use the "percent tolerance
selector" to decrease the percentage or increase the percentage. AutoSet will recalculate
the new setpoints at the end of the sample period.
You may have to experiment to find the right setting if nuisance stops occur (as described
in the steps above).
Always record existing settings before changing them for a new
die. Then you can recreate the old settings whenever you run the
old die again without trial and error.

When you must recalculate setpoints

You always have to recalculate setpoints after a tool change. This is so that setpoints will
be based on the new press load. This is done by pressing and holding the "RESET"
button until the numbers in the setpoint display flash once and change to 120% of full
scale (ap-proximately 2 seconds). Run the press to get new setpoints. After the sample
period is up, AutoSet will display the new setpoints.
NOTE: The setpoints can be recalculated while the press is running.

When power is turned off and restored

When the power to the AutoSet is turned off, the tonnage readings and setpoints are lost.
The calibration information and full scale tonnage settings are retained. When power is
restored, the tonnage displays will read zero and the setpoint displays will read 120% of
full scale. The AutoSet will calculate setpoints after the appropriate number of strokes.

Disabling AutoSet

AutoSet can be disabled. This means AutoSet will display tonnages but will not stop the
press unless tonnage at either strain link exceeds 120% of full scale tonnage. Setpoints
will not be created. To disable AutoSet, you set the percent tolerance selector to 0. This
clears the old setpoints.
AutoSet 1500 User Manual
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