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Setting Full Scale Tonnage - Honeywell AutoSet 1500 User Manual

Wintriss two-channel load analyzer.
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Setting full scale tonnage

Determine the full scale tonnage for your press. Full scale tonnage is the rated
capacity of the press (2000 tons, 1500 tons, 100 tons, 20 tons, etc.)
Find the three rotary switches in a column with white dials on them. See Figure 3-5.
They are at the right middle of the main board. These are the settings for full scale
You set tonnage by turning the dial screw on each switch until the arrow points at
the right number. The dials are factory set to 100 tons.
The switches are labeled 100's, 10's and 1's (for the 100's digit, 10's digit and 1's
digit in a number). These labels tell you how to set tonnage. For instance, you
would set tonnage for a 150 ton press like this: 100's = 1, 10's = 5, 1's = 0. For a
20 ton press, you would do this: 100's = 0, 10's = 2, 1's = 0.
Set full scale tonnage of your press as instructed below:
When full scale tonnage is from 1 to 999
Set the 100's, 10's and 1's digit to the tonnage of your press. For presses under
200 tons, AutoSet will display tonnage in tenth's of a ton (15.5 20.0, 99.9, etc)
up to 100 tons. For presses 200 tons and over, AutoSet displays tonnage in
whole numbers only.
NOTE: Make sure the decimal point switch (No. 3 on S6) is set to the "on"
position. See Figure 3–5. If not set to "on", push switch all the way to the left
with a pen or your thumbnail.
When full scale tonnage is between 1000 and 1500
Leave out the least significant digit when setting the switches. For instance
1500 would be set as "1", "5", "0"—the same as if you were setting full scale
tonnage to 150 tons. You must also set DIP switch number 3 to the closed posi-
tion (decimal point off). This is the third switch on switch block S6 located
below the full scale tonnage switches. See Figure 3-6. With a ball point pen (not
a pencil) or your thumbnail, push the switch to the right (away from the OPEN
position). Make sure you push it all the way to the right. This allows AutoSet to
display accurate readings within the 1000 to 1500 tonnage range.
AutoSet 1500 User Manual
Figure 3-5. Blocks for setting full scale tonnage
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