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How Autoset 1500 Works - Honeywell AutoSet 1500 User Manual

Wintriss two-channel load analyzer.
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How AutoSet 1500 works

AutoSet is so easy to use because it creates and displays load setpoints automatically.
You never have to calculate and enter setpoints.
Once AutoSet is installed and properly calibrated, there are only two settings you have to
make. You set the sample period and a percentage (the percent tolerance setting). The
sample period can be set to 1 or 15 strokes. The percentage tolerance setting tells AutoSet
how high above the load the setpoints should be. The percentages of load you can select
are 2%, 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 35%, 50%, or 100%. Settings are made using a
switch and dial indicator inside the box.
Once selected, these same settings can be used for any die (in most cases). You do not
have to change the setting from job to job. (See Chapter 4 for more details on when
changing settings may be necessary).
AutoSet calculates setpoints automatically based on a sample of the load just like you
would figure out setpoints yourself on paper. Here is how it does it:
1. Once the press is running, AutoSet begins measuring and recording the load (in
tons) at each strain link. It records the load for each stroke in the sample period.
2. After the sample period ends, AutoSet determines the highest load at each strain
link. It ends up with two numbers: the highest measured load at the right strain
link and the highest measured load at the left strain link.
3. It then calculates the setpoints using this formula:
highest measured load on each strain link during sample period +
4. This calculation is performed for both strain links. The results are the setpoints for
each side of the press. See the following example. The setpoints are displayed in
the setpoint displays.
During the sample period (while AutoSet is recording tonnage), setpoints are maintained
at 120% of the full scale capacity of the press. Therefore, AutoSet offers protection from
overloads even during the sample period.
AutoSet will calculate new setpoints when you press the reset button and hold it for two
seconds or more. Afterwards, it will also change setpoints when you change the high
percentage setting switch. Complete instructions for making settings on AutoSet, how to
use the reset button, and a discussion of when you need to change settings is in Chapter
4—AutoSet 1500 Operation.
AutoSet 1500 User Manual
percentage of load selected = high setpoint.
AutoSet will not create setpoints greater than
120% of the full scale capacity of the press.
AutoSet 1500
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