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Mounting And Connecting Strain Links - Honeywell AutoSet 1500 User Manual

Wintriss two-channel load analyzer.
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Mounting and connecting strain links

The two strain links provided with the AutoSet 1500 are called differential strain links.
The part number on your links should be 9641601, 9641602, or 9641603, depending on
the cable length or connector you chose. If you plan to use other strain links, contact Data
Instruments to find out if they will work with the AutoSet 1500.
To install strain links, follow these steps:
1. Select mounting sites on the press for the strain links. On straight side presses,
strain links are typically mounted on diagonal corners (one on front left, one on
back right). They measure tension (stretching of the frame). For gap frame (OBI
or OBG) presses, strain links can be mounted on the front of the press to measure
tension or on the back of the press to measure compression. Usually mounting on
back is better because the strain links are away from the work area. Typical strain
link locations for most gap frame and straight side presses are shown in Figures
2-5 and 2-6.
A – Side of frame (arrow indicates second link
mounted opposite)
B – Front face of frame
(A and B—forward load read as tension)
Figure 2-5. Strain link mounting options on OBI/OBG presses
AutoSet 1500 User Manual
D – Rear face of frame (similar to "A" but on rear of
E – Similar to B but on rear face of frame
(D and E—forward load read as compression)
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